Ep 49 – Monster.com Data Breach. Who’s to Blame?

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Ep 49 – Monster.com Data Breach. Who’s to Blame?

Data security is something I don’t think we talk enough about within our HR and recruiting technology and systems. Candidates and employees trust us to keep their data safe. It’s something I’m thinking a lot about especially with the increase in the gig economy. Now many of us, including myself are trust companies like Favor, Instacart and scooter companies like Lime and Bird to keep our social security numbers safe. I tried being a scooter charger. I was interested in what the candidate experience was like and I put my trust in an organization to keep my social security number safe. The experience of being a charger for Bird was a lot of work and I was able to experience the onboarding and engagement process for a gig worker which was very enlightening.

When it comes to data security, it’s not always the employers or contracting companies I’m worried about. It’s the third party companies who also have access to your data.

Today’s featured article comes from TechCrunch and is titled, “Monster.com says a third party exposed user data but didn’t tell anyone.”

I’m including the link to Tech Crunch article in the transcript of this podcast. We first shared this article in our newsletter which you can subscribe to at workology.com/newsletter and we had over 20,000 clicks on this article. Obviously, it’s struck a chord.

I wanted to hear more about data security so I tapped expert, Fareedah Shaheed to talk about how as employers and HR leaders we can protect our data.

I can’t even begin to write down the number of job boards, websites, and companies I’ve applied to where I willingly shared all my personal information. I’m sure you are the same way. As employers, we have a huge responsibility that I think we take for granted. I also think data security hasn’t been an important focus for us for whatever reason, but as we add more HR system and integrate more technology into our departments and organizations it is something we should be thinking about. The companies you parter with need to take data protection seriously and with the number of HR tech companies who continue to enter our marketplace, it’s only going to get more complicated and with it even more challenging when it comes to data protection and security.

I’ve included some links in the transcript of this podcast in addition to our story of the day that touch on resources on phishing, hacking, HR technology integration and tech selection for you to really think about.

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Featured Story

Monster.com says a third party exposed user data but didn’t tell anyone.

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