Ep 43 – What is Workplace Discrimination?

Last year, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received nearly 90,000 (88,788) charges of workplace discrimination. Among them was the highest percentage of charges alleging retaliation ever received: 42.8 percent. Workplace discrimination claims are on the rise. What can and should employers do mitigate their risk for discrimination at work.

Episode 43: What is Discrimination at Work? with Casey Sipe (@CLSEmployerLaw)

As I mentioned, workplace discrimination claims are on the rise and with a number of recent Supreme Court rulings, the workplace is becoming a more complicated place. On this episode of the Workology Podcast I sat down with employment attorney, Casey Sipe about a number of recent cases including Young v. UPS and EEOC v. Ambercrombie and Fitch.

Casey breaks down the cases and we discuss the topics of pregnancy at work, religious discrimination and how the Abercrombie ruling opens up the door for all religions including the pasta strainer wearing Pastfarians. I want nothing more than employees to be them full selves at work and thrive. It is extremely important for employers to educate themselves and their managers on how to handle complicated situations to avoid litigation. And if you have ever been through an EEOC charge, mediation or lawsuit, you know exactly what I’m saying.

Casey is a regular contributor to Blogging4Jobs and has regular podcast guest talking about Technology at Work and FMLA and ADA Issues. Listen in on Casey’s podcast interview where he provides practical advice for HR leaders as well as employers. You can connect with Casey Sipe on LinkedIn.



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