Ep 39 – What’s Important in #SocialRecruiting with Andy Headworth

When it comes to using social media sites for recruitment and hiring, we still have a long way to go. Our use and application is still in it’s infancy. I was one of those early adopters first using dating websites to recruit candidates in 2001. I had success with forums, chat rooms and Myspace. That success is what spurred the creation of this blog in 2007. I wanted to build a relationship with job seekers and create a candidate funnel and pipeline so that I could find and hire better quality candidates and more quickly.

Social recruiting even still is extremely new. I am a firm believer that it can provide you with real time engagement, sourcing and employment branding. I’m not alone in my thinking, and my podcast guest feels this way too.

Episode 39: What’s Important in Social Recruiting with Andy Headworth (@andyheadworth)

Today’s Workology podcast guest is a long time friend who shares insights into how recruiters and HR can effectively leverage social media in their hiring. Andy Headworth one of the brightest recruiting minds and digital storytellers having written on his blog for years with some of his best content covering social recruiting. Andy is a firm believer that social recruiting can be a great way to hire and engage candidates. He  just published a book titled, Social Media Recruitment: How to Successfully Integrate Social Media into Recruitment Strategy. You can click here to purchase. It just launched in the US this week.

Andy shares great case studies and recommendations on how to get started in social recruiting. His favorite social networking site for recruiting is Google+ and encourages recruiters to go where the candidates are instead of relying on a popular platform like LinkedIn for all your recruiting. Andy says, “Recruiters are all over on LinkedIn like a rash,” and it’s so true. Recruiters can use social media platforms to go where their competition is not.

Andy recommends using sites like Feed.ly to manage and read blog content using social media, take advantage of using Twitter lists to filter your content, and use the Intel Facebook Graphsearch Tool (Link included in resources below). Connect with Andy Headworth on LinkedIn and be sure to listen to his podcast interview.



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