Ep 39 – How to Use Programmatic Advertising

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Ep 39 – How to Use Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising has been around for several years now. However, it’s an application in recruitment is fairly new. Research suggests that programmatic will gradually become the primary driver of recruitment advertising by 2020.

I’m thinking about all things programmatic these days because I’m working on my new book called Digitizing Talent: Creative Strategies for the Digital Recruiting Age. It’s being published by SHRM and should be available for purchase in Spring 2020.

Today’s featured article is the Ultimate List of Programmatic Recruiting Platforms from Kirill Nikolaev on Medium.

Programmatic recruitment replaces conventional people-based job advertisement and management with technology. In other words, while your prospective candidates get all the information at the right time, the process is managed through the application of Big Data, targeted ad placement, real-time bidding, and strategic campaign optimization.

I talked with Jack Russell on programmatic basics on a previous Workology Podcast. Here he talks about the three different types of job ads and where programmatic fits into our digital recruiting efforts.

So the number, you know, to use consistent terminology here, there’s three types of advertisements as it relates to job ads. There’s the posting. And that’s kind of the billboard model that you put it up there. And it’s up for 30 days no matter what, you pay the fine price. So let’s just say 50 dollars, mother, you get one posting or a thousand you’re still paying just for that initial posting price of fifty dollars. Then there’s and that’s what’s deployed by we see with Monster, a lot of niche boards. CareerBuilder. Then there’s the job slot which is you have an opening, it’s a parking, you know it’s a parking spot and you can put whichever car you want in there. So in which case you could put whatever job you want in there. But you only have one parking spot. And that’s something that we see that’s deployed by Dice LinkedIn, where you could say, hey, I have this, you know, an admin assistant role that I need filled. Then once you fill that after six days, well, then you can put another job. And that’s usually on a monthly or annual basis for how you pay with that. And then there’s paper performance, which is what you mentioned before of CPC. So cost per click and cost per apply. And that’s what indeed uses an you know, way to think about it is that it’s very much like Google AdWords that you’re paying for that click for that engagement. And so it’s it’s hard to juggle all three at once. But there are. As you know, programmatic systems that have been helping recruitment firms do that. And that’s one that we here at Advanced are utilizing in a lot more a lot of ad agencies are using as well.

Right now programmatic is something that is used mostly by large recruiting teams or those that work with recruitment marketing agencies. Although with the number of new platforms on the market not to mention the increasingly competitive and expensive talent market, that is changing. I’ll include some links to my favorite programmatic resources in the transcript of this podcast. Programmatic recruiting allows TA teams a better way to find talent, manage their spend in a way that is different than a 30-day job posting strategy does. In fact, programmatic is the way that your job board is likely getting you, candidates. Other partner job boards are getting paid per click or apply for any of the job listings you have. These are being shared on other job boards.

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