Ep. 36 – How to Centralize Recruiting Processes with Raj Sheth

With so many different HR technology products and options for all size businesses, it’s realistic for HR and recruiting teams to have multiple tools, tech and resources at their fingertips to drive a well-thought out recruiting process especially now in the small to mid sized markets. You can literally fund your HR tech in SMB for the cost of your monthly Starbucks habits. Yes, you read correctly. The cost of your Starbucks each month could pay for your recruiting technology. This interesting suggestion came from this podcast episode’s special guest.

As more HR and recruiting technology companies have entered the space, there are more options than ever for every type of recruiter, company and industry. While I’m in favor of the concept of HR Tech for everyone, the number of options can make getting started overwhelming.

Episode 36: How to Centralize Your Recruiting Process and Strategy with Raj Sheth (@rsheth81)

Raj Sheth is the CEO of RecruiterBox which is a web-based recruiting software that helps companies source and manage candidates. As an interlooper outside of the HR industry, he is a quick study and offers great insights into how recruiting can leverage technology to achieve better hiring results in less time. You need to listen the spirited discussion that took place on regionalized versus centralized recruiting, the increased involvement of the hiring manager in the recruiting process  and what Raj calls deputized hiring. You can connect with Raj on LinkedIn by clicking here.



*A special thank you to my production team at Total Picture Radio.

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