Ep 35 – Why People Pick the Career Choices They Do with Ryan Mead

I didn’t pick human resources as one of my career choices. It picked me. I have, however, chosen to continue to working in this industry and pick what clients, partners and team members I have and continue to work with over the years. Building a great team is an important part of what makes for a great career and legacy.

Episode 35: WHY PEOPLE DO THE WORK THEY DO with Ryan Mead (@ryanvitru)

Once you have found your chosen career choice or choices, your team plays a large part in how effective and productive you are in accomplishing your business objectives whatever they may be. In today’s episode of the Workology Podcast I talk with Ryan Mead. He’s the CEO of Vitru, an HR technology designed to help you build and work with great teams.

Career Choices Impact Great Hiring

Ryan has a lot of experience in building great teams. He is of the belief you don’t have to work with outside consultants to be great at employee engagement, productivity and hiring. I tend to agree. These career choices just like team choices can drive success for your organization as well as your team. Ryan shares with us his experience in finance and banking and how conservative as well as progressive industries and organizations can make great hiring decisions.

Whatever the size of an organization, talent is top of mind. You can be a volunteer organization, startup or large organization. The type of organization or company doesn’t matter. Your focus on your team giving working smoothly and efficiently to accomplish their goals is most important for everybody. Connect with Ryan Mead on LinkedIn.



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