Ep 25 – How to Balance Employee Relations with Mike Vandervort

Employee relations is an aspect of human resources and business management, that often goes unnoticed until a crisis erupts. Maybe it’s a situation where employee vacation pay is incorrectly calculated on the most recent paychecks or you are involved in a union voting situation at your company. Today’s Workology Podcast guest is Mike Vandervort. We will be discussing the delicate balance in employee relations for human resource professionals and business leaders today.

Episode 25 – How to Strike a Balance in Employee Relations with Mike Vandervort (@mikevandervort)

Unions are making a lot of noise these days and have our attention when discussing topics of minimum wage equality. Mike provides some great insights into how organizations can help better engage their workforces while also keeping us apprised of new changes regarding union voting. Look for changes coming second quarter of this year.

Mike also shares with us about his new home at Cue, Inc., an organization that is committed to positive employee relations. He is a wealth of knowledge especially when it comes to union avoidance, employee relations and workplace engagement. Connect with Mike on LinkedIn.

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