Ep 24 – How to Be Thought Leader with Denise Brosseau

Being a thought leader and thought leadership is a full time job in its own right. Over the past 7 years since launching this blog, it has taken me places I never thought I could ever go. It has become a passion and also a business. I enjoy elevating the industry of HR and recruitment and promoting great industry practitioner and thinkers. I’m committed to sharing their stories.

Episode 24 – How to be a HR & Recruiting Thought Leader with Denise Brosseau (@thoughtleadrlab)

Influence. Everyone wants it and seldom have it. It’s the subject of a lot of conversation in the human resources and recruiting space. It’s something you work for, and I’m here with this episodes podcast guest to help you if you so desire become a thought leader. We will also break down exactly what being a thought leader means. This week’s Workology Podcast guest is Denise Brosseau. She’s the author of Ready to Be a Thought LeaderGiven the conversation surrounding last week’s HR and Recruiting thought leader list published by GlassDoor, Denise’s interview has the perfect timing.

Denise shares with us in the podcast her definition of what exactly a thought leader is. Be sure to listen as I ask her if being an industry practitioner is a requirement to influence and thought leadership. Denise shares with us her 7 step process to becoming a thought leadersher. Her process isn’t specific to HR and recruitment. She has coached executives and business professionals from all different industries and companies.

I love Denise’s point of view that great leaders tell stories. They have create simplicity with their speaking, writing, training and development. I came across this quote from Willie Gutherie that sums up the power of simplicity and storytelling in creating influence and conversations that lend to thought leadership.

 “Any fool can make something complicated it takes a genius to make something simple.” – Willie Woody Guthrie

The podcast is filled with gems, great suggestions and resources by Denise. I enjoyed the casual banter, and I hope you do too. Be sure to connect with Denise Brosseau on LinkedIn.

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