Ep 210 – How to Ace Your HR Certification Exam

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I’m all about providing resources and support for HR and workplace leaders and that includes HR certification. Your HR certification exam is hands down the hardest test you will ever take in your HR career. I’ve found with the right support and preparation, you can ace that exam with flying colors. At Workology, we provide SHRM Certification Prep courses and also our Ace the HR Exam Course. Both are designed to support HR leaders in different ways.

In addition to the courses, I also work hard to provide our HR certification community with the support and resources they need. I do this by creating a safe space and community for HR leaders to connect, share, and collaborate.

Why HR Certification Is Important for the Human Resources and to Workology 

In our last podcast, I shared with you some of our 2020 business plans with my focus being on empowering HR leaders in the areas of training, support, and HR certification. At Workology, we offer two different HR certification support options, our Ace the HR Exam and SHRM Certification Prep Course. Both these are great options in helping you achieve your HR certification goals. Ace the HR Exam is designed to support HRCI and SHRM certifications and is an on-demand 8 ½ hour online resource leveraging video, audio, and downloadable resources including a 600+ HR glossary and over 180 HR practice questions to prep you for the exam.

The SHRM Cert Prep course is in partnership with SHRM as we are one of a few online training providers. We offer the 36 hour SHRM Cert Prep course that includes the SHRM Learning System online and in digital form. You have access to our training classes to help you pass the class along with our private digital community and resources that continue to provide you support. You can learn more about our offering at shrmcertprep.com.

Since the theme is about providing support and resources for those who are working towards your HR certification, I thought I would share some insights from HR leaders who are both certified and are now instructors helping others earn their HR certification. These two HR pros are friends and colleagues I admire and respect. You’ll hear from each of them and their tips and suggestions on how to pass your HR certification exams.

Ep 210: How to Ace Your HR Certification Exam with Mark Fogel and Adam Rosenfield (@HC3) & (@adam_rosenfield

First up as part of this HR Certification Exam podcast episode is Mark Fogel. Mark is a former CHRO now turned HR consultant who lives in New York and provides HR support for a variety of businesses while also serving as an instructor and training for HR training programs including SHRM Certification Prep courses.

Our second interview on this episode is Adam Rosenfield is a newly certified HR professional. He recently took the exam and offers some really amazing insights into how to prepare for the exam which you will see. He’s a human resource business partner who is from Austin, Texas. Since taking and passing his SHRM-CP exam, Adam is a mentor to HR pros locally in Austin serving as an instructor for SHRM cert prep classes.

Both of the seasoned HR professionals offer sound advice as an HR practitioner and also both as teachers and trainers for HR certification prep programs. I love their commitment to their own careers but to helping advance the HR profession and the careers of their friends, colleagues, and peers.


For me, working towards your HR certification starts with not only setting the goal but creating a plan to work from. I have a great free webinar you can watch that helps you work through. I’ll link it in the resources in the transcript of this webinar. It’s called “Insider Secrets: How to Ace Your HR Certification.” It’s 45 minutes and free to anyone who wants to learn more about the strategies for success behind HR certification. I’m linking to this free resource below.

Most importantly, you need a plan to get to your ultimate goal which is passing your HR certification. Depending on the exam you pick the pass rate varies which is why I suggest creating at least a 12 week study plan that allows for 60 hours of study time which includes reviewing materials, using HR practice test questions, and talking with others about the HR topics and content you are learning about.

The test is tough, however, the reward is great and HR leaders can increase their salaries as much as 40% as a result of passing the exam. I’ve had friends use their newfound HR certification to get promotions, new jobs and even start their own HR consultancy. The possibilities are endless, and I want to help get you there which is the reason I am focused on certification and personal development for HR leaders with our different HR certification support offerings. Let’s make this year the year that we increase the HR certification pass rate to 50 or even 65%. Working together I know we can make it happen and help lift each other up this amazing industry of powerful business leaders who specialize in HR.

Connect with Mark Fogel on Linkedin and Adam Rosenfield on LinkedIn.



Looking for more resources as you work towards your HR certification? Join the HR Certification Study Group on Facebook or LinkedIn

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