Ep 187 – The Benefits of Executive Coaching in HR

According to the Global Leadership Forecast 2018, published by DDI, 67% of Gen X leaders said they would like more external coaching and 57% want external development. The research also shows that CEOs are more concerned about developing “next gen” leaders than they are about any other issue, including cyber-security, global recession, and political uncertainty. And only 14 percent of CEOs say they have the leadership talent they need to execute their strategy.

It’s important that companies offer resources to develop good leaders and I wanted to bring an expert on executive coaching to talk about how we can address this issue in HR.

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Episode 187: The Benefits of Executive Coaching with Tegan Trovato (@TeganTrovato)

I’m joined by Tegan Trovato of Bright Arrow Coaching. Tegan is an executive coaching who has a robust background working in HR and recruiting as an executive leader. Her focus is on talent development and helping leadership teams and individuals with leadership development. In this highly competitive market where time is of the essence, companies are investing in the development of their talent including high potentials and senior leadership. Personally, I love that this is happening especially since I have been on my own growth and development path. Personal and professional breakthroughs take time and need the help of coaching and experts to push you forward. 

Why Work with an Executive Coach?

Tegan says the real value add of working with an executive coach offers a new set of eyes a fresh set of eyes that isn’t emotionally entangled with the business outcomes. This outsider isn’t biased and doesn’t have any political agenda. She says it’s refreshing for any organization to have that and part of that, and that we need to recognize it’s important to select the right person for that kind of work. Bring in an outside coach also helps executive teams I work with a lot of teams so I’ve watched executive teams in particular move from a group operating model into operating truly as a team. A great outside coach can be truly objective. Tegan says they can influence, advise, and model behavior for their leadership. 

If you aren't considering leadership development it is time it will make you a big differentiator in the market. The first thing to consider is whether it's coaching or leadership training they're two different models. - @tegantrovato #podcast… Click To Tweet

How Your Leadership Can  Work with Executive Coaches

In terms of working with an executive coach, there are a number of different ways and scenarios that are very popular:  1) leadership team coaching, 2) individual coaching, 3) new executive coaching, and 4)  high potential or Hi-Po leaders and employees.

These engagements can be short term 90-120 days or longer term where the executive meets with the coach monthly or bi-monthly focused on special areas of development. The coach helps to hold the executive accountable to their development, provide them guidance, and give them access to resources.

When it comes to selecting executive coaches, Tegan offers great advise on how to engage, vet, and qualify coaches. Her perspective is incredibly valuable as a former business executive herself who has hired coaches to now being an executive coach who works with a number of individuals and teams.


Tegan is a former recruiting executive who founded Bright Arrow to focus on a holistic approach to executive and leadership coaching. Tegan and the coaches at Bright Arrow are doing a lot of great executive coaching work with teams and individuals and we appreciate her tips on what we need to think about when creating a leadership development program.

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