Ep 18 – Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Examples

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Ep 18 – Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Examples

One of our most popular resources on the Workology site right is an article that dives into employer value propositions. One of my favorites I found is from Yelp. Their EVP is, 

“We work hard, throw Nerf darts even harder, and have a whole lot of fun.” – Yelp Click To Tweet

Let’s talk a step back for a second before I dive more into what an employer value proposition is and first talk about what is employment branding? It is a hot term and trend we are seeing by TA teams. Jason Seiden shares a definition of employment branding and the history of the concept in HR and recruiting.

When we came out years ago we we came up with this term workforce marketing because we just we needed some sort of lingo to talk about it. Nothing existed yet in terms of what’s an employer brand. It’s what people say about your company as an employer. And I think the really important part of that definition is it’s not what you say it’s not how you hope you’re perceived it’s what people say about you as an employer. So that is your employer brand. It’s it’s your reputation. It’s it’s not your benefits it’s not the ping pong table. It it literally is it’s your reputation and the expectations that people have of you as an employer. How is it different from recruitment marketing. I think that’s a really important question. You know the relationship between your employer brand and recruitment marketing is the same relationship that a company’s brand and a company’s marketing programs product marketing. So you know the brand is the promise of you as an organization and what you stand for and people’s expectations and your reputation and all that. Recruitment marketing those are campaigns that you run to make your recruiting process more efficient.

Well I think that’s a good broader understanding from where we’re going in this it’s kind of like the whole talent network talent community email list concept it’s sometimes it’s very same. But when people talk about it interchangeably but when you really get down to the bones of it they are very different definitely. Why do you think it’s important for employers to think about employees as part of their employment branding.

Today’s featured article is titled, “9 Employer Examples of Employer Value Propositions” on Workology.

At its heart, an employee value proposition (EVP) is the unique set of benefits an employee receives in return for the skills, capabilities and experience they bring to a company. An EVP is about defining the essence of your company—how it is unique and what it stands for.

An EVP describes the mix of characteristics, benefits, and ways of working in an organization. It’s the deal struck between company and employee in return for their contribution and performance. This “deal” characterizes an employer and differentiates it from its competition.

EVPs should be developed not by executives but by the employees. I think this is a really hard one to give up control, and in my experience, I’ve had real success is surveying employees to find out what is most important, discussing with executives, and then going back to employees and having them share input also voting for the EVP they like best before we bring back in the leadership team to take a look and make any final suggestions or recommendations before moving forward.

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