Ep 163 – Best of the Workology Podcast, Pt 1

best of workology podcast part 1

This marks the forth year of the Workology Podcast. It’s truly a labor of love, and of course I’m thankful for my sponsor ClearCompany for helping to support the work we do putting HR and workplace resources into bite-sized, 25-minute episodes designed to provide you with insights and resources to further drive change in your workplaces.

Episode 163: Best of the Workology Podcast, Part 1

As part of our best of series on Workology, we’ve created three separate episodes of our favorite excerpts from 2018. Each episode includes four different interviews giving you a look into the variety of podcast guests and topics we have here on Workology. This episode features excerpts from:

Ep 121: How Artificial Intelligence Creates Discrimination in HR and Recruiting with Dr. Jutta Treviranus

Ep 129: Digital Disruption Trends to Watch Out for at Work with Jay Samit

Ep 130: How to Find Meaning at and in Your Work with Danny Gutknecht

Podcasting is no easy feat. This episode right here marks a total of 41 episodes for the year. We’ve spent over 40 hours recording and editing podcasts as well as 120 hours building content transcripts, editing graphics, and publishing those podcasts. I say all this because most people don’t realize how labor intensive a podcast actually is, but it is something I truly enjoy. And over the course of those 41 episodes, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite and most memorable podcast interviews.

This year marks my 13th year on Workology which was formerly known as Blogging4Jobs. I truly love the human resources and workplace industry, and work hard to provide content and resources to help you push boundaries, gain insights, and drive change at your employer and business. If you have a podcast idea or suggestion, please fill out our contact form on Workology.com. Thank you again to ClearCompany for their support. I’m excited to report that they will continue to sponsor our podcast for the entire 2019 year.


Inclusive Design Research Center Website ~ Dr. Jutta Treviranus’ Profile

Jay Samit’s Website and Resources 

www.essencemining.com ~ Danny Gutknecht’s website

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