Ep 161 – The Value of HR Certification: #HRCI or #SHRM?

the value of hr certification part 1

I’m on a mission to find out more about the value of HR certification. At Workology, we’re a proud approved provider of both SHRM and HRCI. I’m also excited because we now offer SHRM Prep Course online courses starting in 2019.

As I’ve been preparing to offer the SHRM Certification Prep Course in partnership with SHRM, I have been doing a lot of thinking about myself and my career when it comes to the value of HR certification. HR certification was critical for me in helping to gain the knowledge and HR foundations I needed early in my career and as I became more experienced which is why I thought it was important for Workology to offer not just recertification credits in LEARN but also SHRM Certification Preparation classes. But first, I want to thank Clear Company for being our podcast sponsor. 

Episode 161: The Value of HR Certification

Today we are talking about the value of HR certification. We are going to hear from HR professionals who are certified with both SHRM and HRCI and hear about how their certification helped their career, what they wished they knew, and any suggestions or tips they have for someone who is getting ready to take HR certification exams.

Meet Lisa Latendresse, SHRM-SCP, SHPR

Lisa Latendresee is a seasoned HR pro and is a Business Lead at Entrust Global Group.  Lisa’s HR certifications have helped provide her with an HR foundation and become well-rounded in areas like labor law and expose her to new and different areas of human resources. Lisa has a wealth of knowledge in HR and says her HR certification first with HRCI and also now with SHRM has helped her while working in new industries. Connect with Lisa on LinkedIn.

As a side note, Lisa has been one of our first users of the HR recertification online courses on LEARN by Workology, and I appreciate her continued support of Workology and our new endeavors.

Meet Jon Thurmond, SHRM-SCP

Jon Thurmond is the co-host of the HR Social Hour Podcast and the Regional HR Manager at Team Fishal. Jon was one of the first HR professionals to obtain his SHRM-SCP certification. Preior to working in HR, Jon was a music teacher finding his way into HR later in his professional career. Jon says his HR certification has helped him greatly in his HR career.  As far as expert study tips on how to best prepare for the exams, Jon recommends taking advantage of practice tests and quizzes to help uncover knowledge gaps in your study preparation. Connect with Jon on LinkedIn

Meet Mark Fogel, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, GPHR

Mark Fogel is the Chief People Officer for Human Capital 3.0 which is a boutique HR consultancy. Mark is a prolific writer and we are lucky to have him as a regular contributor on Workology. In this interview, Mark walks us through his career and experiencing falling into the world of HR after finding his place in retail operations. Mark says his GPHR and SHRM-SCP certifications was critical to his career success and encouraged his teams to work towards their own HR certifications even providing his teams with test prep using the SHRM Learning System.

I think HR certification is important for the greater business community. Why would you want to go to an accountant who's not a CPA? #HR certifications lend credibility to the profession and the individual. - @hc3 #podcast Click To Tweet

Mark says the key to passing your HR certification exam is preparation. He says to read over the study materials and make time to each day to sit down and review. Connect with Mark on LinkedIn.

How Has HR Certification Helped Elevate Your Career?

Whatever HR certification you choose, that is a personal choice for the individual. There is so much value in HR certification because the work we do in HR is so nuanced and yet so vast. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how HR certification has helped you in your career. I also invite you to learn more about our SHRM certification prep programs and recertification learning opportunities by visiting Workology and taking a look at our product page. Our first class begins in February 2019.  


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