Ep 14 – The Management Skills Every Modern Leader Needs

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Ep 14 – The Management Skills Every Modern Leader Needs

Talent is becoming harder to come by not to mention recruiting people is costly so thankfully, CEOs are not just thinking about hiring the best employees but also retaining their workers. And retention starts with having leaders to help produce results, support and get the most out of their teams.

The way in which we engage, motivate and lead our teams is changing. We can no longer micromanage our teams.

Today’s must-read resource comes from Fast Company and is titled, “The Management Formula Every Leader Needs to Know About.”

I wanted to talk about this article because they have a nice visual chart which I love. I’ll link to the article and we will embed the chart in the podcast transcript, but it’s a nice 4 box chart that talks about the 4 different kinds of managers. These managers are hands-on, handoff, or eyes on or eyes off when it comes to leading their teams. I’ll talk more about the four types in a bit.

The article misses an area that I think is very important, and that is trust and approachability. You need your people to be able to talk to you and tell you what’s up. A past interview with leadership consultant, Phil Wilson shares why.

There’s three buckets that we talk about the first one is openness or welcoming this. I talk about curb appeal right. Do you do you have it. Are you creating the kind of physical environment and also just sort of the way you behave in a way that people feel comfortable coming to you. Right. So you know do I. Do I look at my phone and and you know not pay attention to you when you come to me or do you know. Do I stop and pay attention to you. So the first one’s openness. The second one is understanding. which really comes down to empathy. And am I actually actively listening to you when you when this is in particular when you are coming to me with a concern listening to you not with the idea that I’m trying to solve your problem but listening to you to really prove that I understand your problem you then can solve. But that’s not. the critical piece. The critical pieces is do I feel understood. Do I feel better when I leave than when I get there. The third part is the most important really.

And over the long run so you can get those first two buckets right. The third one is follow up and follow through or support and you can you can be open and have a great you know great bedside manner right when someone comes to you. You can listen and understand. But if if you agree to do things and you don’t do it. Over the long term that’s almost worse than sort of being unapproachable on the front end right. Because you’re really kind of lying to people. And so what we teach is you have to get all three of those right. So it’s your your environment your understanding and then. Do you do what you say you’re gonna do. I think that’s so important because the follow through peace is key.

Approachability is a component we need to think about when articles like one from Fast Company are suggesting that the best managers are one who are hands off and are called innovative and effective managers.

The other three manager types mentioned in the article include: the “micromanager”, the “this is how fingers get cut off managers”, and those “roll the dice managers”.

But in order to be the innovative and effective manager who is eyes on and hands off, we have to trust them and empower them by providing them a safe and approachable environment for our employees to come to us as leaders when they need help, advice, and support.

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