Ep 13 – Wage Inequality for Women

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Ep 13 – Wage Inequality for Women

Writing or talking about wage inequality hurt my heart not just for myself and other women but also as a mother to a 10-year-old daughter. Recently, an HR tech company reached out to me asking for my opinions on a couple of topics surrounding women in the workplace specifically the HR and talent industry.

The employee asked me:

Q) What makes the role of women in talent more important now than say, 5 or 10 years ago?

I think it is important to have diversity in the stories, perspectives, and people represented, and we’ve made small but visible changes. There is still so much more to do. As a parent of a daughter who is now 10, I’ve taught my daughter she can do anything. Her gender shouldn’t matter, and I think many people are like me in that they’ve struggled themselves experiencing bias and want to make the world a better place for their children. That includes the talent and HR industries.

The talent industry has always been female dominated. It’s only now more women and male allies are helping each other and bringing forth those stories and experiences. Personally, I’d like to see more female thought leaders and CHROs. It’s up to us to ask for and expect from future HR leaders even more diversity in their mentors and leaders not just for women but promoting all types of diversity including race, people with disabilities, and educational and experiences.

Q) As a powerful woman in talent, what does winning look like for you?

Winning looks like when my daughter doesn’t have to be told she can’t do something because she is a woman. Winning looks like when everyone feels comfortable being themselves and companies are flexible with whatever career or personal aspirations, goals or dreams they may have. Winning looks like when bosses like mine in 2008 don’t tell their HR Directors that a new mother’s place is at home with their newborn daughter and not at leading a team. That’s what winning for women in the workplace as leaders look like for me.

Today’s featured story is from Time Magazine and is titled, “Women Don’t Just Face a Pay Gap at Work. They’re Also Punished Far More Than Men.”

I wanted to share insights from a Workology Podcast interview with Katherine Jewell who has great insights to increase your income levels, especially for women.

Well what you need to remember is when you’re seeking a new position you need to act like all the other job seekers. And so you don’t want to reveal that information. And there are a number of different ways to get around it. But the most important way to get around it is to simply avoid the conversation. So when so when a recruiter calls you from your LinkedIn profile you’re going to start out by saying well you know I it’s a job sounds really interesting tell me more. And they’re going to say how much do you earn. And you’re going to say well I am a human resources manager and a global company. I think you could probably guess my salary but it’s more important right now that we know that this is the right job at it. So in other words you’re going to avoid the answer. You do not speak numbers.

The Time story cites a research study that found women and minorities, have less power in organizations and are found to live in “tighter” worlds — meaning they’re subject to much stronger punishments for the same norm violations. Majority men, by contrast, have greater power and more latitude to deviate from rules: They live in “looser” worlds.

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