Ep 118 – Finding the ROI In Your Workplace

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Tech is hot especially when it comes the human resources, recruiting and the workplace. As even more companies, including possibly yours, look to adding, updating or changing their existing HR and workplace technology, it’s hard to know where to start especially since there are literally thousands of new and budding HR technologies as well as more established and experienced brands and products to choose from.

Episode 118: Finding the ROI in Your Workplace & HR Technology with Jason Averbook (@jasonaverbook)

Technology is extremely important to effectively doing our jobs and building organizations, however, painting the picture in terms of the path of how to get there is important. And the ROI and finish line are critical if we want to gain buy-in and help other leaders and partners see our bigger vision for how HR and recruiting can help the organization. Jason Averbook, the co-founder, and CEO of LeapGen says that human resources need to look beyond their department silos and focus on workforce technology that is focused on business processes, tools, and resources for the end user which in this case isn’t HR but managers and their teams.

The key when implementing successful tech, Jason says, is to always be in perpetual beta, meaning that there is always change, improvements, and enhancements, just like you see in consumer technology. This move towards “perpetual beta” has happened because of new cloud-based workforce technologies making it easier to update, enhance and change the experience and structure for enterprise technology users. Jason says that HR technology has evolved in that it is no longer a transaction based tech like terminating an employee in your HRIS or processing weekly payroll but is more about engagement and interaction with employees.

Is Workforce Tech Where Innovation and Human Resources Meet?

Jason says yes. His firm provides coaching and consulting on living in a state of perpetual beta. He says that human resources teams must operate in a way that strategically aligns with the business but also focuses on training, learning, marketing and change management process and execution. Because the change is constant in workforce technology, HR needs to be leading the way here as well as workplace innovation. This innovation is focused on personalization, which for some in HR can be challenging. HR, because of it’s compliance roots has been focused on standardizing the workplace experience making sure that employees are treated uniformly to reduce discrimination and adverse impact employer liabilities. Jason says that personalization is key for the adoption of new workforce technology. Employees are expecting the same technology experiences that they receive from their personal technology and software.

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How does one manage this fast moving technology change process? Jason says that your strategy should be written in henna as in like a henna tattoo and not in stone. While you must have long term measures and prioritization tied to the larger business strategy, your team and the tech needs to be flexible, nimble and quick to adapt as the market and the workplace changes.

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