Ep 107 – Interview Process That Drives Recruiting Results

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The entire recruitment process is an investment. We are using tools, technologies and resources to determine the best employees to work for our organization that are not only qualified for the role we are hiring for but fit culturally within our organization. But what if that framework wasn’t working to actively hire and assess the best talent for your organization? How would you know? What would you do and where would you begin?

Episode 107: Interview Framework Foundations Drive Retention Results with Rob McIntosh (@therobmcintosh)

Today’s podcast guest, Rob McIntosh boasts a very eclectic background as programmer, sales and senior staffing leadership roles in addition to being the founder of the first sourcing recruiting conference, SourceCon.  He says one of the biggest challenges for finding top talent is the lack of process and structure is in the interview and selection process. The search for the best talent doesn’t happy relying on high GPAs or crazy interview questions like, “Why is a manhole cover round.” Rob says that top talent is found through the development of a framework based on a competency model and a focus on soft skills in hiring.

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Rob walks us through why soft skills are critical in hiring the best talent. A candidate might have the best resume but not be fit for the job, but establishing a hiring framework starts before the candidate applies for the job. It begins by establishing competencies that are essential for the role not for just average performers in the role(s) you are hiring for but for exceptional performers.  This begins first with sitting down with your hiring managers to discuss the soft skills needed so that recruiters can begin not just assessing the right skills and abilities but also within the job descriptions of the positions the company is hiring.

How to Create Position Competencies for Hiring

Depending on your organization’s size and scope, competencies are likely available within your company. It’s not always necessary to work with an I/O Psychologist. Rob tells me there are a wealth of resources available in terms of competencies available online. Rob suggests using these resources instead of using an I/O psychologist. The challenge is understanding good vs. exceptional evidence behaviors so framework is critical. Hear more from Rob in the differences between exceptional versus average in the podcast interview. Determining the exceptional vs. average behaviors will help establish a calibration point which is the current state vs. future state. Rob says that every organization says they want to hire the best but that’s impossible, but you can staff your team with exceptional performers.

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5 Steps to Creating an Interview and Hiring Framework

In order to create this interview and hiring framework, there are five steps. These require to first 1) define, 2) Create job descriptions using the framework and competencies established, 3) Create behavior based questions that support the exceptional talent you want to hire, 4) Create and use an interview form with a solid scoring system and 5) Establish and have kickoff/strategy calls with your hiring managers. The biggest challenge in being successful in these efforts is with changing people’s behaviors specifically hiring managers. Rob cautions podcast listeners to avoid interview scoring systems that use a 1-5 system. He suggests keeping it simple either asking hiring managers or recruiters to either suggest or not suggest the company moves forward with the candidate. There is a less likelihood that interview bias will happen as well as confusion over scoring and selection bias.

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