Engagedly Helps Create New Channels of Engagement for Remote Teams

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The past year has delivered some unexpected challenges for HR teams. One of those challenges is supporting our remote employees. Following the shutdowns from the pandemic last year, many of us struggled to shift to a work from home model, supporting our dispersed teams through message platforms and video conferencing. What we discovered is that for employees working remotely for the first time, as well as employees doing so while supervising children who are attending school virtually, engagement is the real challenge.

Engagedly Helps Create New Channels of Engagement for Remote Teams

From the perspective of HR, disengaged employees are less likely to be productive, stay with your company long-term, and tend to feel extremely isolated the longer they work remotely. We’ve started wellness programs, we check in on our manager and teams, we offer support services like ERGs and EAP, but we still struggle to maintain any level of engagement. Our managers are facing conducting performance reviews remotely and may be reaching out to us for guidance on how to handle moving or changing goals based on the past year’s performance. 

Enter Engagedly. Engagedly’s performance management platform offers an easy to use set of features to ensure that performance reviews are effective and easy so employees stay engaged and productive. The automated performance management system makes it easier for us as HR leaders to create a culture of frequent feedback which eases the whole process of employee performance evaluations, especially when it comes to working with a remote workforce.

The digitization of business processes began years ago, but it has been accelerated by the pandemic. In order to be a people-centric organization, the processes that involve people are the ones that lead this transformation, and it starts with engagement.

Performance Management Made Easy – at Your Fingertips 

Performance management has moved from annual reviews to continuous performance management that encourages dialogue and conversations. Using a platform like Engagedly, even with remote employees, allows you to focus on the development and active engagement that creates high performance teams.

Engagedly is a SaaS product built for HR that can be molded to suit your specific needs related to performance management, engagement and learning. Open up Engagedly’s browser-based dashboard, and you’ll find a left-hand column listing different features (including Feedback, Goals, Performance, Settings, and Support) and a leaderboard that lists the top-performing employees on the right. It’s a unified location that allows you to reach any tool available through the platform with just a few clicks.

Reviews, feedback, goals, development plans, performance tracking, skill appraisals, social performance, peer praise, and review cycle tracking are all gathered into one central dashboard. The dashboard is clean and easy to navigate with great visuals and a snapshot of actions pending and goals. It gives a snapshot of individual, team, business and strategic goals and OKRs that fit right in with the SMART goal approach and you can create feedback loops within specific goals and assign roles to others as followers, managers or assigners.



The interface is extremely easy to use and allows different types of customizations so you can set it up to reflect your current processes, goals, strategic OKRs and ongoing learning opportunities. The primary areas Engagedly focuses on are engagement, enablement and execution.

– Engagement: remote work collaboration, surveys, recognition and rewards, gamification

– Enablement: Feedback, 360 reviews, learning, mentoring, Engagedly Academy

– Execution: Goals/OKRs, performance reviews, talent analytics and mobility

How Engagedly Drives Talent Development

Rapidly changing environments require an agile and responsive approach to talent development, including re-skilling and upskilling. Having a well-crafted 360 degree feedback process coupled with coaching is key to engagement. Engagedly makes this easy with goals that can be directly linked to performance and customizing it from the manager’s point of view. They’re easy to add or customize.

Engagedly’s 360 feedback tool can help your employees to share peer feedback with each other, enhance the team-working experience, increase self-awareness and improve planning and implementation of career development opportunities.


The manager and team review gives you the ability to look at the entire team or just direct reports, and the team dashboard is easy to click through and navigate to zoom into an individual or specific goal in order to align them to organizational goals within the goal hierarchy.

Analytics within the performance management cycle can allow team leads to identify standout performers, or measure overall employee engagement against the previous review cycle. The trends reporting feature is a great resource over time for individuals and teams, and the culmination of a talent profile for an individual can truly be used for succession and workforce planning. There is complete transparency within the system, as employees have access to the same information their managers do.

Engagedly also features a skip level review option and makes feedback easy to share with settings that allow the employee’s manager to approve and pass along.

Driving Engagement Beyond Surveys

Engagedly picks up engagement where surveys stop with customizable gamification and badges that allow you to set points for behaviors we want to drive and reward employees for completed activities. Badges are basically icons that users receive for participating in the Engagedly application. There are six different badges and each badge has five levels. When a user accumulates a certain number of points for an activity in the employee recognition software, such as sharing knowledge with others in the organization, they will unlock badges. Employees can redeem points for gift cards and have options to share badges on social media.

Feedback is important to keep employees engaged, but so is recognition. I love the “public praise” feature, in which anyone (from team members to managers to the CEO) can give public praise to an employee that is visible to the entire company.

We’re HR professionals and we still need surveys (and your employees do too). Engagedly has easy to create, deliver and analyze employee surveys that can help you get a pulse on your organization’s engagement. Find out what your employees are thinking, how they feel, what their expectations and challenges are, and what they think the company can do better.

Interested in more information? Click here to speak with Engagedly to learn how they can help you streamline your HR processes. 

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