Employment Branding: May The Force Be With You

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Every company aspires to create an award winning employment brand. They are constantly analyzing data analytics, attending conferences and meetings, and reading every article or news story in hopes of finding that one golden nugget that will move them into the branding spotlight.  The 21st century talent markets are very competitive. The c-suite and management teams are coming to the table with their sleeves rolled up.  They are determined to figure out their companies hidden nuggets in order to build a strong employment brand.

Employment Branding: May The Force Be With You

George Lucas can teach us allot about branding that wins awards.  The Star Wars brand is still solid 40 years after release date.  I remember standing in line for an hour to purchase tickets to see the movie.  We (myself and sisters) made our way to the balcony to find out that the small theater had over-sold, so we ended up sitting on the balcony stairs during the entire movie.  It really did not matter to us because as soon as the movie started, we were completely captivated by all the characters.

Yoda spoke much wisdom into the young Luke Skywalker during their training sessions.  One of Yoda’s most famous lines spoken in the movie is part of every companies hidden nugget in developing the award winning employment brand, “May the force be with you!”

The force is an energy source that can be harnessed to push companies into the branding spotlight.  How can companies use the same force that a fictional character used in a movie in real life, hmm? “Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.” We will focus on one section of building a strong employment brand that is in alignment with the force.

The Hidden Nugget – Engaged Employees

The reason you want to benchmark engaged employees is because they represent the culture of your business.  So many companies mistakenly assess “the majority” of their employees for developing the company culture.  In order to make certain you understand the culture of the company perfectly, you will need to benchmark the top 10% of your “engaged” employees. These individuals represent the “true” culture of your business.  If you start asking these engaged employees questions, you will find that their personal brand aligns perfectly with the companies brand.  It is a beautiful alignment of core beliefs and objectives, which is what makes these individuals so productive day in and day out.

This is one hidden nugget within your organization that if aligned with the force will begin moving your company out of the shadows into the spotlight.  The overall goal is to find all of the hidden nuggets within the organization and align them with the force in order to generate an award winning employment brand.

You now have the beginning steps to do the discovery work of locating all your hidden nuggets.  May the force be with you!

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Monica Miller

Monica Miller, CIR-PRC has worked in the healthcare industry for 12 years and transitioned from a C-Suite Executive Assistant into a Corporate Recruiter after completing a psychology degree. Her recruiting experience includes working with small and large businesses focused on behavioral and performance based interviewing. In her spare time, she offers pro bono career advice/resume writing to job seekers, connecting candidates with hiring managers via social media. Connect with Monica.


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