Ep 14 – Creating an Employment Brand with Bridget Webb

Episode 14: How to Create an Employment Brand with Bridget Webb (@webb_bridget)

Employment branding. The topic is at the top of my radar screen. Everyone is talking about it from a content marketing standpoint but not many are discussing strategies to employ and how to build an employment brand that stays. That’s where my Workology podcast guest comes in. Bridget Webb has a unique background in that she has built employment brands in her various roles with WilsonHCG but also has experience in her most recent role as the head of Marketing for an established HR technology company.

Bridget Webb sets up podcast listeners who are just getting started in building and establishing an employment brand. But first, we provide foundation into commonly references words like employment brand, employment branding and an employment value proposition. Click here to access our official definitions. She recommends the first place to start is talking with our employees. She recommends asking employees four questions basic questions to help you understand what’s important about an employee about your organization. Because if the brand doesn’t come from your current workforce, there is no buy in. It’s a forced upon marketing campaign. It also isn’t the best way to gain trust with your existing employees you are likely working hard to retain.

A reported 80% of candidates admit they use other sources not provided by an organization to research a company according to a report by CEB. Meaning review sites, other online sources and employee testimonials as brand ambassadors are extremely important and powerful in building your employment branding strategy. Bridget helps break down why review sites and social media are so important and how companies can go about listening, learning and implementing changes culturally based on the feedback given on sources outside of employment branding’s scope of control. In addition to giving the podcast a listen. It’s one of my best to date. I also suggest to connect with her on LinkedIn.


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