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Collaborative Care for the Hybrid Workforce

HR benefit professionals work tirelessly to offer competitive healthcare benefits that not only keep their employees healthy, but also motivated and productive. This has been made even more complicated in our new era of hybrid work, as well as a tight labor market. So, how can your team respond quickly and effectively with a comprehensive benefit package when the nature of work is evolving so rapidly? This virtual demo will reveal how crucial preventative care is in an otherwise fragmented healthcare system. We will explore why comprehensive, integrated healthcare benefits should include telemedicine, mental health, care navigation, and COVID-19 solutions. After confronting these tough issues head-on, experts from Eden Health will show you how to keep your staff, your employees, and your company’s bottom line healthy and productive. dr-heather-towery-portrait-photo Dr. Heather Towery, MD
Dr. Heather Towery is the Vice President of Clinical Strategy and Enterprise Partnerships at Eden Health. Her passion is helping patients understand their health conditions and ensuring excellent quality care to all patients. For over 14 years, Dr. Towery has supported patients directly in virtual care through Expert Medical Opinions. Her background is in Internal Medicine, Nephrology, and Pediatrics. Prior to Eden Health, Dr. Towery was the Medical Director at Advance Medical and, most recently, the VP of Expert Medical Services at Teladoc Health. Headshot_(1)_(1).jpeg Forrest Knox is a Senior Account Executive with Eden Health and has been with the organization for over a year. Prior to joining the team, Forrest held various sales executive roles within the digital health market, focused on topics such as mental health, disease management and corporate wellness strategies.

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