I’m a Consultant. Not Your Pimp.

My role as a consultant

I just wanted to make that clear to the blogosphere.  As my web traffic, blog readers, and social media followers have increased, I’ve been receiving a new type of request, and they are the type of request that I didn’t expect as an HR consultant.

Nope, get your mind out of the gutter.  The constant requests are not that type of consulting requests.

They Were Multi Level Marketing Pitches

When I made the decision to become a marketing consultant, I dreamed of phone calls and emails inquiring about my digital strategy services and hourly rate.  I thought about training and online seminars I would be teaching and the clients who I would be working with on consulting jobs.  Those were the days.

Right around the time I was half way through writing my book, Tweet This! Twitter for Business, things started to take off for me as a digital strategist for the HR, Recruiting, and workplace industry.  I received lots of phone calls and requests for proposals and training.  Of course, I was elated because it’s one thing providing digital strategy internally within a large organization while it is completely another serving as a digital strategy consultant and working with multiple clients as a subject matter expert.  Things were happening.

About two and a half years ago, I got a call and was invited to lunch with a professional acquaintance I had just met.  Not one to turn down a free lunch or the opportunity to talk about my consultant business, I took a long lunch from the corporate job to have what I thought would be a consultation.  Of course I was excited and intrigued until about 5 minutes into the conversation.

No Digital Strategy Consulting, MLM Pitch Meeting

For those of you who know what MLM or Multi-Level Marketing is, let me be the first to say that I don’t hate or discourage MLM.  My biggest problem with MLM and selling multiple products at the same time is that it confuses my potential client base and audience.

  • Am I a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant or do I provide social media consulting?
  • How can I do both and will my customers confuse my loyalties and business?

Multiple businesses, as well as multiple products, make it difficult for your customers to understand and follow your true focus.

Call me a Business Marketing Consultant, Please!

Yes, I have an extensive marketing network, and I understand MLM business methods.  Heck, I sold Mary Kay just like 75% of the female population back in the day.  It really didn’t work out for me even though I love networking and building relationships.  Mainly, I didn’t have the passion to push lipstick and wrinkle-reducing cream on my friends, relatives, neighbors, and strangers.  I know people, but that doesn’t mean you are the first person to think I want to sign up for Fortune, Energy Drinks, or your affiliate program.  I get pitched for multi-level marketing on a regular basis – at least 2-3 times a week.

This isn’t just about MLM.  It’s about all products and services that are outside of my digital strategy consultant business and scope.  No, I can’t sell your Legal Service or Vitamins.  It’s just not me.  I am however, happy to help you build a digital strategy for your MLM that can generate interest and excitement. I can help you build a brand and recognition around you and your product even if it is a multi-level marketing mix. I’m the consultan to call for help when you want a strategy that allows you to better sell your services or product, whatever it might be.

Because I’m a Digital Marketing Consultant!

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