Digital Interviewing: The New Norm in Recruitment? #recruittrends

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Think back to 1987 when you could walk into an employer, hand them a resume or complete an application and have a conversation with a human. The conversation then turned into an interview. Although, just a conversation, it turned into some type of interview. Then online ATS systems came around and more technology crept into the process and there was no more human interaction. For almost 20 years online ATS systems have continued to separate the candidate / hiring manager relationship to a point of change. The emergence of digital interviewing about a decade ago has given the interview process a much-needed facelift.

Employers that embrace digital interviewing tools gain a number of significant advantages. Speed of trust and better access to top talent in a less costly way. With digital video interviewing, recruiters can send interview questions, watch the interview responses, cast a wider net to talent with social media and spend less money flying people across the globe.

Trends in The Digital Interviewing Process

As more employers recognize the benefits of digital interviewing, there are some key trends emphasizing the improvements that digital interviewing brings to the entire recruitment process:

  • Growing acceptance among candidates of digital interviewing – According to recent survey data, in which HireVue clients surveyed their candidates to understand how they feel about the digital interview process, 96 percent of candidates reported overall satisfaction. Given the wider adoption among candidates, who appreciate the efficiency and better candidate experience, it is clear that digital interviewing is essential to creating a strong employer brand and attracting top candidates.
  • Creating situational-based recruiting and screening techniques – Rather than just facilitating the typical interview conversation, many employers are using digital interviewing technology to better gauge the skills and abilities of their candidates. For instance, some providers now offer a way to test the coding skills of their IT candidates, using the technology to conduct live programming tests, enabling them to look beyond the resume and interview questions to ensure they find talent with the needed skills.
  • Expanding digital interviewing technology to other areas – As employers increase their use of digital interviewing technology, many find use for those same tools beyond the interview stage of recruitment. For instance, it can really enhance the onboarding process. By showing new hires videos of their colleagues, and having those new hires make video introductions themselves, employers can help them assimilate into the company and its culture.

Digital interviewing has proven to be effective in streamlining the recruiting process and making a more positive candidate experience. As the technology continues to grow in popularity, it will continue to serve as a competitive differentiator in attracting top talent. It may be early to call digital interviewing the new norm, it is clear that it has brought some much needed positive disruption to the recruiting process, while satisfying the employer and job seeker alike.

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