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“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Let’s face it- the candidate experience can be brutal. You spend hours networking, pitching your skills and telling stories about your experiences. You’ve been on more “exploratory interviews” than actual interviews. But you still haven’t landed the full time position. It can really take a toll on your ego.

Your confidence begins to erode, and, often, you begin to doubt your capabilities. You begin to tweak your resume to be match key words in job descriptions so that you’ll squeak past their screening system. You begin to believe that you’re “not good enough.”


Instead of trying to adjust yourself to fit what they want you to be LEAN IN and just be yourself. You are good enough! Focus on creating a personal brand that catches peoples’ attention.

4 ways to enhance your personal brand

BE memorable: A recruiter will take 60 seconds to glance through your resume. Add a line or two that will catch his/her attention. For example, I included, “Known as an authentic, inspirational leader who energizes teams with warrior-like spirit. “ A recent interview started with the question, “tell me about being a warrior.” Bam!

Rehearse your “2-minute elevator speech”: This should outline your ideal job, strengths and talents. Saying it over and over will remind you of all that you have accomplished.

Network with trusted colleagues: Connect with former co-workers or alumni who were strong supporters in past positions. Many of them will be able to advocate again for you. Plus, just being around them will give you a lift! Make sure that you end the conversation with, “How can I help you?”

Visualize yourself in the next role — waiting for an offer? Don’t fret! Map out what you would do your first 60 days and visualize yourself driving results.

Automated talent management systems are a black hole. You need to network with recruiters and colleagues inside a company to get your application to the top of the pile and improve your own candidate experience. Don’t get discouraged- stay in the game, and BELIEVE that you are MORE than good enough.

What do you do to keep your confidence up while job hunting? I look forward to hearing your comments.

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Lisa Bonner

Lisa Bonner is an experienced change agent and Senior Vice President with Roberts Golden Consulting. She helps global Fortune 500 companies solve organizational issues and manage major changes to drive achievement of bold business objectives. Lisa is passionate about football, fitness, decorating and raising twin boys. Connect with Lisa.

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  1. John Peltier says

    Good post! Recruiting has changed, and you captured that here. Professionals need to supplement in person networking with their online properties to truly provide a 360-degree profile. If you aren’t online, you don’t exist.

  2. Lisa - Good.Co says

    Having been unemployed more frequently than someone with my talent has any right to be, I have subsequently built quite the library of resources to keep my spirits buoyed. First and foremost, and certainly the most hard-won lesson, is to remember that it isn’t personal. If it becomes personal, you wouldn’t want to work there anyway. Surround yourself with positive thought, read articles that inspire you, put the song ‘Tomorrow’ on repeat if you have to. Change tactics – one of the definitions of insanity is to repeat the same an action or tactic over and over while expecting different results – but never change yourself. And always retain empathy.
    Thanks for the encouraging article!

  3. Lisa Bonner says

    Good advice Josh! I agree that having a trusted, reliable network that spans across many industries is worth its weight in gold!


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