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About Demo Day

When it comes to planning our own development and growth opportunities, the past year feels like a wash, as many planned conferences and expos were either canceled or quickly pivoted to online sessions.

This event is a part of our demo series for HR leaders 100 percent online and will feature a virtual interactive demo from JobSync.

About JobSync

JobSync brings the application to the candidate and delivers the apply data where recruiters need it the most by automating and expanding the quick apply tools on sites like Indeed Facebook and ZipRecruiter. A JobSync enabled job includes all custom requirements and the application is dynamically delivered into the ATS. JobSync’s behind the scenes automation reduces friction and streamlines the candidate and recruiter experience. By reducing apply friction JobSync clients see a reduction in CPAs by as much as 50% and reduction in time to hire. By automating apply data delivery JobSync clients save over 10 hours of recruiter’s time per week on operational tasks. Learn how you can do the same!