Corporate Culture and the Law of Attraction

There are some companies with great corporate culture that are employing the Law of Attraction to draw in great people.  If you’re not familiar with the Law of Attraction, it’s the belief that likes attracts likes.  If you like the people you work with, you want to bring in more people that share similar values.  Most companies get a little scared when incorporating warm and fuzzy feelings into work and then get even more worried when they can’t tell the ROI of these sentiments.  Having a culture built on positivity and trust allows companies to move past this fear.  Here’s this Chick’s pick of companies who on-boarded the Law of Attraction:

  • Awesomeness – Mindvalley’s company culture embraces all things awesome.  From unlimited money for employees to spend on self-improvement books; to meetings where employees are told by everyone in the company how awesome they are; and an Awesomeness Fest held in a tropical location where entrepreneurs and thought leaders from all over the world gather for a life changing, learning vacation… this company’s awesomeness goes until 2020, in which they want to be the Best Place to Work in the world.  
  • Happiness  Zappos strives to deliver happiness to its employees.  Besides having great Core Values, Zappos does cool stuff like former CEO (they got rid of job titles, remember?) Tony Hsieh raffling off his car to a lucky employee, having a company All Hands meeting that was more like a reality TV show, and having a dedicated wellness team who head up all things healthy.
  • Joy – Joy abounds over at “The Factory” (aka the office) of Menlo Innovations.  One of the core values of the company is to build software that people love to use.  By focusing on  the end user’s joy, it allows them to deliver quality products.  This company’s culture started with no job titles, posting employee pay for all to see, and developers work in pairs to code.  Their interview process is more like an audition in which they bring in about 40 or so candidates.  The candidates partner up and work on a project with the goal being to try to get the other person hired.
  • Amazing – Engineered to Amaze landed Quicken Loans as 5th place on Fortune’s Best Place to Work list.  Moving the headquarters from the ‘burbs (Livonia) to the ‘hood (Detroit), didn’t slow down this “Isms in Action” company.  Things like money booths in the office, Warren Buffet touring the buildings, and a jam packed Family Reunion taking place at a casino amaze the family of people working for the Family of companies.

Corporate Culture and the Law of Attraction

Know of any other companies that are using the Law of Attraction to create an awesome, happy, joyfully amazing culture?  Holla!

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