Contact by phone. . .More than a Voicemail

How to Follow up on your Resume

You’ve submitted your resume and the waiting game begins. How does one follow up that the resume was received, the position is still open, or if you have questions about the position? A well-trained receptionist will take messages for any calls he/she believes are regarding an open position. First, understand that HR Professionals are busy people and contrary to what you believe, we are not waiting for your call. Don’t treat them as such. On an average day as a recruiter, I would receive 30-100 calls about an open position. My gatekeeper or receptionist was trained to take messages and ask questions about who was calling when the caller asked for Human Resources.

Contact by phone. . .More than a Voicemail

So how do you make contact?

A method I have used in the past is very simple. You can use it two different ways. Make a call to the company and say the following, “How are you today? Can I speak with Joe? I had another question for him. This is (your name).” To the gatekeeper it sounds as though you already know this person and they will put you through to Joe. Once you get ahold of Joe, tell him you were mistakenly transferred to him and was trying to get ahold of someone in Human Resources. Bingo!! You’re in.

Another common method is to call, speak to the receptionist, and ask to speak to a generic department like Accounts Payable or Safety. Typically, this department receives many calls and are not guarded by a gatekeeper. Once you are transferred to this department, let the person know you were mistakenly transferred and wanted to speak to someone in HR.

Speaking to a HR professional for the organization you are looking to work for takes a little work like I explained but alot of luck. Chances are that person is away from the phone. Leave a message, sound professional, practice your script prior to calling. Don’t phone stalk!! No more than 2 calls a week. Did I mention be professional and practice??

Next week. . . Spell Check is your friend!!!

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Jessica Miller-Merrell

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