Confidence: The Most Important HR Competency for the Future

Confidence may be the one attribute rarely discussed that is essential to success in HR. We often hear: Humble, Resilient, Agile, even Flexible…but for some reason Confidence rarely gets mentioned.

We spend so much time on competencies in HR. It’s like the holy grail of our community, but before we go too much further in this discussion, what is a competency?

What is a Competency Mean in HR?

Competency: The combination of observable and measurable knowledge, skills, abilities and personal attributes that contribute to enhanced employee performance and ultimately result in organizational success. 

And just to be politically correct the definition of Confidence;

Confidence:/noun/ – the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust.

“we had every confidence in the staff”

synonyms: trust, belief, faith, credence, conviction; reliance, dependence

“I have little confidence in these figures”

Wow, for those who know me, I rarely ever get into definitions but for today’s conversation, it is important. So why do I think confidence is so important for HR folks?

Well to start, I know many practitioners at all levels lack confidence. When you lack this you are saying to folks “I can’t trust you or depend on you.” At the end of the day, no one does business with someone they don’t trust. This is the most important thing you need to create with every member of your organization. Without confidence, you’re not a resource. Whether that be human or any other type.

So as a community we need to spend some time on building confidence and as a result, the trust of your constituency.

So, know we have discussed the proverbial “WHY” we need to build confidence. Now let’s discuss the “HOW”.

I refer all of you to a recent article by Chris W. Dunn in Entrepreneur Magazine titled 10 Things You Can Do TO Boost Self-Confidence. I will let you read the article, however, there are two main points I want to drill down on.

1. Care for yourself

This is something many HR folks push aside. If you don’t put yourself first and nurture yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually then how can you help others? Many set new year’s resolutions to do this and then by February they have failed. Well time to reboot this and get to it. A way to grow confidence is through positive self-talk and affirmation, here are 19 Affirmations for HR and Workplace Leaders

2. Help someone else

This is something most HR folks do constantly and here is the rub, you need to take care of yourself before you can help and take care of others. How can an employee trust you when they are aware that you don’t practice what you preach?

As HR practitioners we need to build confidence and flaunt it. So here is my challenge to every reader at Workology: Strengthen your confidence first by doing for yourself so that in turn you can do for others. I am sure there is a metaphor in there somewhere.

What are you waiting for…get to it!

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Mark Fogel

Mark S. Fogel is the Co-founder of Human Capital 3.0, a Human Capital and Organizational Leadership advisory firm servicing a broad range of industries with a focus on assisting businesses identify and grow its talent strategically. As a former CHRO for Leviton, Marcum, and Success Academy Charter Schools, Mark was the recipient of several national awards including SHRM’s Human Capital Leader of the Year and HR Executive Magazine’s Honor Role. Often Quoted in national media, Mark brings a refreshing point of view to every HR discussion. Follow him on the SHRM blog, and on Twitter @HC3.

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  1. divya jain says

    Confidence is definitely important. It can get you anything in life.
    If we talk about job then?
    Getting a good job is not an easy task. One has to work hard for it.
    Placement either occurs in good colleges or not. So how can we get the job? Internship is the other way round.
    It makes a platform and stair between the qualification and the job.
    From where can we get the internship? is a good platform.


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