27 Companies Who Hire Adults With Autism

April is Autism Awareness Month. The topic of autism among our youth and adults is something I’m quite passionate about. You might be surprised to know that 1 in 68 births in the United States receive an autism diagnosis with that number increasing every year.

Autism Speaks, a leading autism advocacy non-profit, defines autism as a group of complex disorders of brain development that is often referred to as autism, autism spectrum disorder or ASD. These disorders are characterized, in varying degrees, by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors.

Thirty-five percent young adults ages 19-23 diagnosed with autism are not employed or received post-secondary education according to a 2012 Pediatrics study. These adults are eager and excited to work but struggle to fit into a hiring and recruitment process that is fundamentally social.


Individuals diagnosed with autism struggle to communicate and interact socially depending on the severity of their autism diagnosis throughout their childhood as well as adults lives. Our hiring practices as well as workplaces for those with autism are not designed for those with this invisible disability. The traditional interviewing and candidate selection process is a social one. Recruiters and hiring managers like candidates to engage and respond to social cues, answer questions and make eye contact. These are not things individuals who are diagnosed with autism can always do. It’s also the reason why employers are establishing special hiring programs designed to engage and hire this workforce.


  • The Specialists Guild is a nonprofit social enterprise focused on working with people and companies so individuals with Autism can earn a living doing meaningful and fulfilling work based in San Francisco, CA. Click here to apply for training.
  • The nonPareil Institute is dedicated to providing technical training, employment and housing to individuals who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. They train high-functioning adults with autism ages 18 and older on different aspects of video game and app design and development at a pace each student can manage. This non-profit is located in Texas. Get more information about admissions here.
  • Exceptional Minds is a Sherman Oaks, CA,  nonprofit vocational center and animation studio for young adults with autism. Click here to learn more about their program.
  • Aspiritech, a nonprofit based in Chicago has a program to train high-functioning people on the autism spectrum to test software for tech development companies.
  • Nobis Works is a nonprofit organization in Georgia that specializes in job placement for people on the spectrum. They also offer training programs that last anywhere from three months to a year and are designed to teach the skills necessary to succeed in the workforce.
  • Easter Seals is a non-profit organization that offers a variety of employment and workforce training programs for workers with all types of disabilities, autism included. Like all the workforce training programs listed, they also actively hire and recruit autistic workers and those with a disability.
  • Autism Speaks offers a variety of tools and resources for families, individuals and employers including a robust employer autism employment toolkit. Employers can also join their LinkedIn Employment Community.
  • Spectroomz is an autism employment blog which offers innovative tools for autistic people such as the “32 remote jobs for autistic people, test what fits you best”, as well as tools for employers such as the autism-friendly employer meter.


While autism diagnosis is on the rise, an increased number of companies are establishing hiring and recruiting campaigns and building new hiring processes with this large population of workers in mind. I’ve located a list of 23 companies from non-profit to small to enterprise level organizations who are actively hiring adults with autism.

Walgreen Autism Careers Program

Walgreens In 2007, they opened a distribution center staffed nearly 40 percent by disabled employees. The program has been a model for others, including Procter & Gamble, Best Buy and Lowe’s. Click here.

Freddie Mac Autism Internship Program

Through a partnership with the Autism Self Advocacy Network that began in 2013, the mortgage company Freddie Mac has been hiring paid finance interns for those diagnosed with autism. Click here.

Microsoft Autism Programming Pilot Program

Microsoft recently established a pilot program that hires autistic adults for coding, software programming and math jobs.

Spectrum Careers Established to Match Employers with Autism Workers

Rangam Consultants and Autism Speaks teamed up to create Spectrum Careers, a program that matches employers with workers on the autism spectrum.

SAP’s Autism at Work

SAP launched Autism at Work program that is committed to hiring 1% of their employee population with autism. Click here for more information.

Towers Watson’s Autism Hiring Pilot Program

Towers Watson hired 18 autistic workers as part of a 2015 pilot program with plans to expand their efforts. Click here.

HP in Australia Autism Program

Hewlett Packard in Australia announced in 2015 their autism hiring program. However, details around their success, learnings and planned growth are scarce. Click here.

Technology Startup ULTRA Sees Success Hiring Employees with Autism

Technology startup, ULTRA a technology company in New York focuses on hiring people with autism to conduct high quality software testing services. They are finding success in hiring software testers who are on the spectrum. Click here.

Specialisterne Employees Excel at Their Jobs in Consultants in Software Testing & Data Entry

Specialisterne is a Denmark based company where the majority of their employees are on the autism spectrum. Employees work as business consultants in STEM roles. They provide their unique perspective to fields like software testing, programming and data-entry for the public and private sectors. They have operations in many countries around the world. Click here.

Small Company, Autonomy Works Employees Part Time Workers. Many Are Autistic

AutonomyWorks, a Chicago based company offers operation and back office work that companies would have sent offshore in the past. Many of their employees are autism adults. Click here.

Father Started a Car Wash to Help His Autistic Son 

Rising Tide Car Wash in Parkland, FL, hires autistic workers for his car wash. Watch this amazing video below of their family’s story.

Retailer, Home Depot Hires Autistic Workers Since 2010

Retailer, Home Depot was one of the first organizations that committed to hiring autistic workers. SHRM’s article mentions their commitment in 2010. Click here.

North Carolina Coffee Shop Creates Opportunity for Those with A Disability

Wilmington, North Carolina, coffee shop Beau’s Coffee opened in 2016. The owner is the parent of two children with Down Syndrome. Beau’s Coffee isn’t limiting their hiring to those with Down Syndrome or autism but individuals with disability. Click here.

Global Research Company Sees Success in Hiring Adding Autistic Employees to Workforce

ZenithOptimedia is another company who has a  commitment to hiring individuals with autism and experienced great success. They are continuing to grow these efforts and are working to increase opportunities for employees with autism in the future. Companies don’t need a formal program autism at work program to hire great employees.

North Carolina Non-Profit Puts Autistic Workers to Work

Extraordinary Ventures is a non-profit in North Carolina that provides hires autistic workers for jobs including event set up, laundry service and delivery, data entry, packaging, mailing, dog walking, cat sitting, city bus clean up, and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill football parking.

Small Business Commits to Qualify of Life Employing Those with Autism

Spectrum Designs  is a Long Island company committed to enhancing the quality of life of people with autism, who often face barriers to employment. The company was started in 2010 by Stella Spanakos, whose son Nicholas was diagnosed with autism as a toddler and is now 22. Spectrum Designs already employs 30 people as of 2014. In 2013, the company doubled its service capacity and tripled its sales, nearing over half a million dollars. Click here.

Ford Announces Michigan Training Program for Those Diagnosed with Autism

In May of 2016, Ford announced a training program in partnership with the Autism Alliance of Michigan offering a pilot program called FordInclusiveWorks kicking off June 1, 2016. The pilot involves the creation of five positions in product development. Click here.


It’s not enough to create and establish hiring programs focused on autistic employees, a number of companies are working to adapt and change hiring processes, drive awareness and establish employee training programs due to their autism hiring initiatives.

German Company Vodafone Hiring Autistic Workers

Vodafone is actively hiring autistic employees while also taking steps to training managers and business leaders on the best approaches to communicating with different types of workers including those diagnosed with autism. Click here.

The Badger Mountain Orchard Adopted New Interview and Training Processes

The Badger Mountain Orchard in Kennewick, Washington has found that adapting their interviewing and training process to be more autism-friendly has resulted in hiring many people on the spectrum who are dedicated to their jobs.

Hidden Hiring Benefits of Autism and Those with Disabilities

Hiring a diverse workforce including those with autism offers hidden benefits outside of longer tenure, less turnover and improved employee engagement. Ninety-two percent of people view companies who hire individuals with disabilities MORE favorably according to a 2005 study published in the Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation.

As companies look to diversify their talent pools, hiring programs like those you see above are an effective way to engage a very eager and engaged group of workers. Companies in the United States who are government contractors are seeing benefits specifically related to the OFCCP and their Affirmative Action Plan good faith efforts.

Other Considerations When Employing Adults with Autism

Companies participating in these programs will need to go beyond adapting hiring and interview processes. Autism is considered a disability meaning that requests for accommodation by your employee population fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act which impacts employers with greater than 15 employees.  Many of the companies are leading the charge in hiring this hidden talent pool. I am in agreement that adding leadership and manager training is also a step in the right direction, however, companies need to consider making additional accommodations they might not have considered:

  • Relocating autistic workers to quieter areas of the office. Open office environments can lend to sensory overload which can create challenges for your autistic workers who can become overloaded with all the sensory distractions an environment like this can make.
  • Honoring, anticipating and re-evaluating employee requests for accommodationTake a look at your accommodation program as under the Americans with Disabilities Act. These are often small requests such as noise canceling headphones or wearing hats for light sensitivity inside the office.
  • Adding autism to your corporate diversity and respect training programs. Employers spend a great deal of time and effort on diversity training, respect and awareness programs. They need to consider updating their existing programs to include information and resources on autism for their employee and leadership teams.
  • Providing additional training, resources and coaching for your autistic workforce. Establishing an employee mentor program where employees have a trusted peer they can build a relationship with, learn from and help integrate with the company culture is important regardless if team members are diagnosed with autism or not.

I applaud these 27+ companies and their approach to hiring and retention. They are approaching their workforce efforts and reaching candidates who are eager and excited to work while also reinforcing the cultural importance of diversity, inclusion and respect not just for their employee population but for their customers and shareholders alike.

Is there a company I missed? Please leave a comment and I’ll add your organization to this list. 

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Jessica Miller-Merrell

Jessica Miller-Merrell

Jessica Miller-Merrell (@jmillermerrell) is a workplace change agent, author and consultant focused on human resources and talent acquisition living in Austin, TX. Recognized by Forbes as a top 50 social media influencer and is a global speaker. She’s the founder of Workology, a workplace HR resource and host of the Workology Podcast.

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    • Hi Sawyer,

      I am not here to debate about the effectiveness or politics regarding Autism Speaks. They have a job program and a job board that is helping put those with autism and special needs to work. It is that reason why they are listed on this article and for that reason are an organization that I support.

      If you know of additional organizations that help in this way, feel free to leave a comment and share the resources. I’ll do my best to update the list as I hear of more companies and programs helping to employ those diagnosed with autism.


      • If you really cared about autistic people you would not recommend Autism Speaks. It is well known that they believe we need to be purged from the gene pool and that they do research to achieve that end. They won’t personally employ autistic people and they don’t provide any benefits for the autistic children of their employees Any “good” work they do is just to keep up appearances..

        Autistic people are asking you specifically not to support this morally offensive organization and you don’t care. You don’t care what we think. You don’t care about us. You don’t respect us.

        You think we need to be told how to do every little thing and that we “just don’t understand.”

        News flash: we aren’t stupid, we just communicate differently. Stop treating us like helpless idiots and actually listen to us.

        • Hi TC,

          As I said earlier in this comment stream, this post has been simply to generate a list of companies that hire and employ those who have autism. I’m not taking a point of view at this time whether I am in support of or not in support of Autism Speaks. I’m simply neutral. My only wish is that you find the information and resources you need to have a happy and fulfilled life.

          Best of luck in your endeavors,


          • It’s fake news that you’re putting out Jessica. If you were truthful, you would do more research on the false front put out by many of the companies you listed. But you don’t. You simply take the corporate propaganda hook line and sinker. Any real journalist worth their salt would be able to delve deep into how these corporations truly act to people with autism.

        • Autism Speaks does not do what people seem to think they do. I have not supported them in 5+ years since discovering g what they’re all about.

      • My son lives with us ina small town in Oklahoma…I can not seem to find a business that hires people like mysonwhohasmildaspergars…..

          • Hello. I’m in Oklahoma too in Tulsa. I want to connect with high functioning Aspergers people between 17 and 25 to start a bootcamp program to teach Coding. The goal is to help these people gain skills in a setting designed to teach them and prove how valuable these skills are to companies, and develop friendships too. If anyone has any interest, advice, contacts etc. Please let me know!!! My email is ozment.jess@gmail.com
            Thanks! Jessica

          • Jessica,
            I am also in the Tulsa area. I have a 26 year old son with Asperger’s. He has 2 Bachelors degrees and 2 Master’s degrees in Math and Economics. He has lived on his own the past 5 years in AZ. He recently moved back to OK after graduating. He is having a lot of difficulty transitioning to the work world from a school environment. He has been a graduate assistant and taught some classes. He is not sure what he wants to do, but he is interested in policy. He does NOT want to be a college professor. Do you know of professional employment recruiters or career counselors who could help him if identifying possibilities and gaining employment?
            My email is jcizek1@hotmail.com
            Thank you,

      • I’m sorry, but Autism Speaks is a company notorious for speaking OVER autistic people and searching for an unwanted and impractical “cure” the likes of which can only be obtained through pre-natal eugenics. The use of “high functioning” and “people with autism” (so called “person first” language which many autistics, myself included, feel othered by) are big red flags throughout this article that make me tentative at least and actively wary at worst of the organizations listed within. Please take some time to educate yourself on the autism community’s stance on these matters FROM AUTISTIC PEOPLE, not parents of autistic children or their families or the organizations themselves, as they often skew actual stances in their favor and speak over actual autistic people as they’re known to do.

      • Hi


        THANK YOU

      • My name is Gary White. I have a 27 year old son with autism. We are in ft worth tx area. He can follow instructions & communicate. How can I help him. I love him very much & want to help him. Im retired & definitely getting older.

        • I am in Fort Worth also and have twin 18 yr old daughters with high functioning Autism with expressive communication disorder and I have no idea as to where to place them for jobs.

      • Coming from someone that is diagnosed with Aspergers I agree with her that autism speaks is a terrible organization I reached out to them for help 3 times and they did not respond once they take in donations and do nothing to help the autistic community they couldn’t even respond to me so maybe support more wisely

        • you are all totally right about autism speaks. They are not helpful at all. I reached out to them a few years ago via facebook to ask them for some help for my son with aspergers. they not only did not reply, they deleted my question. I tried asking the same question on facebook, they again deleted it. i thought it was maybe me, but after reading the comments on autism speaks, I am now realizing that its them. i’m going to unfriend them on fb.

  1. Thank you for compiling this list. It is MUCH NEEDED along with resources that place college graduates on the spectrum. College career and placement offices seem completely unaware of the challenges faced by graduating students on the spectrum.

    • Hi Mary,

      I agree and training for employers on how to best engage and work with those who are on the spectrum. There are many great local resources near college campuses that college career offices could take advantage of.

      Thank you for commenting and visiting the blog. Let me know how I can help.


  2. Where is California (Bay Area) can I search for place to help find job for my 23 yrs old Asperger son. he is almost done with his lower education in De Anza College and wants to study graphic design.

  3. I’m interested in learning about employers in the state of nj that hire and support ASD individuals with average intellectual abilities. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you

  4. is workology available in england , my stepson is 20 yrs old and wants to leave college and find suitable employment . he is autistic but is capable and willing to learn .

  5. Autism Speaks actively seeks to suppress the voices of autistic individuals. The organization sees autistics as a burden and in need of a cure. Hordes of autistic individuals, myself included, are very strongly against this organization. This list is supposed to help autistic individuals. Please do proper research into the hate group for which you are providing free advertising, and leading unsuspecting individuals to, like lambs to slaughter. Will you be recommending the KKK for community outreach programs next?
    Autism Speaks wants to eliminate individuals like myself.
    A good author does their research, which you clearly have not done.
    A good advocate listens to the voices of the marginalized group, which you also have not done.
    A good adult owns up to their mistakes, which you haven’t done, and need to.

    You want to help autistics? Protect them from hate groups disguised as charities! Your position of neutrality is, in this instance, a hate crime. Especially now that you have knowledge that you are being harmful.

    I’m embarrassed FOR you.

    • Hi Mel,

      As I said earlier in this comment stream, this post has been simply to generate a list of companies that hire and employ those who have autism. I’m not taking a point of view at this time whether I am in support of or not in support of Autism Speaks. I’m simply neutral.

      Best of luck in your endeavors,


      • You cannot claim neutrality here. By listing the organization you are supporting it. Stop the belittling condescention. We are not children. We are not stupid. You are a shallow self serving blogger cranking out Web content to make money. You respond without emotion or conviction to our complaints. You do not address the crux of our argument, that this list is a farce Written by someone who does not actually care about helping autistic people at all. Take autism speaks off the list or take the whole list down, because if this is your attitude we don’t want your help.

      • Hi Jessica I’m in Northern California and I am a mother for 29 year old respectful bright polite young man throughout his adulthood I have been fully aware of many resources that we have that in which I know the government funds through mostly grants what I’ve noticed is that a lot of these corporations speak fondly on how they support individuals with disabilities one in particular autism that in which my son has my son can speak and is very polite very neat and professional however he has a slight odor of Tremors and sometimes grimaces when he gets either frustrated or hot I have taken the opportunity to write to you and voice my opinion as I am voice texting you right now so I do apologize for no punctuation but it’s 2 in the morning and after reading so many of these messages I was quite disappointed because I don’t think that you fully understand what we go through as parents and if you do then let me just stay this when will we fight back for individuals with disabilities when do you support us with fighting back what I mean by this is simply just this I’m the oldest that these government-funded programs especially in Northern California one in particular Solano Diversified Services we’ll hire individuals who has disabilities or Autism however if they are seen shaking or having tremors are talking to themselves while working but doing an excellent job at there place of employment with performance but if they have coaches that sit in with them while the coaches are texting on their phones shopping through stores are not really mentoring and coaching our loved ones if the job is too difficult where they don’t like the fact that the individual Tremors something that they have no control of then they go to their superiors such as the management team who never speaks to the directors of these programs then your child is removed which I find is full of crap we have taxpayers pay for these programs because again most of them are government-funded when do you guys step in and really assess what’s going on in these programs because truthfully I don’t believe you actually have jobs for individuals with autism that are mild

  6. Who is in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area is hiring entry-level computer programmers/developers with autism?

  7. We now need to start getting smaller employers to hire people with disabilities. I live in a small town and the small guys won’t hire me because I have a disability. I know that it is required that they don’t take disability into consideration unless it is going to effect their work or the work environment, but most small employers just don’t want to be bothered with someone who might need a little more help and training. We need organizations to reach out to the small communities.

    • Hi Carley,

      Have you called your local chamber of commerce or workforce agency? I think that you could meet with them and suggest to work with these agencies providing them guidance. I find most companies and employers don’t understand autism itself and how their hiring process might disqualify qualified individuals like you. You are welcome to direct them to my article or we can set up a call to discuss.


  8. Other than working in fast food or a supermarket there are NO companies willing to hire my son. He likes to work with kids and he’s a very talented artist and creator. I’ve been searching for years. He’s 23 now. We live in Suffolk County LI. For some reason as soon as they hear autism, they are so not interested. It’s like they’re afraid. He’s the kindest and friendly young man who just needs for someone to believe in him and give him a chance. It’s very sad.

    • This limited job market makes it even more difficult. Most of the job openings today require lots of social interaction, and the few that don’t are in either the janitorial or computer programming/information technology fields. So the neurotypical mainstream pigeonholes us into these limited options, based on their own stereotypes rather than adequate skills assessments. But if you’ve met one person on the spectrum, you’ve met one person on the spectrum. A room full of adults on the spectrum contains people with a wide variety of academic backgrounds and personalities. And while it MAY work with neurotypicals, trying to push an autistic adult who doesn’t fit these stereotypes into one of these stereotypical professions according to the ebb and flow of market demands, through threats and bullying, doesn’t work.

    • I understand you completely!! My son is 26, he is so bright and kind!! THAT is exactly WHAT my son wants an opportunity, a chance!! We live in Winston Salem, NC

      • Maricel, have you found anything in the area? After a year we still don’t have a solution for our son with autism. Also in WS

      • We live in NC too. My son is 27 and wants to work so badly but who is hiring? He has mild Aspergers but nobody wants to give these special, awesome people a chance. Has your son found something yet?

        • We live in Charlotte, NC, my son is 24 and graduated from college Last yeAr, we really need help findiNg him a job and helping him with interview skills… does anyone know what busInesses are hiring thOse on the spectrum in Charlotte?

      • My son, a 26 year old with high functioning autism who is trying to start a small business coaching elderly people on how to handle computers, phones & all the tech stuff that are part of our everyday lives now. He’s given up on getting the typical entry level job. I see such a danger that these bright young adults get too discouraged tying to fit in. They want work that actually contributes to society in a meaningful way. I’m thinking that the parents need to think about what kind of alternative structure could be built to help so many of these kids get started. I’m looking to find other parents who are interested in finding ways to help create ways to work that are as individual as each one of them.

      • My daughter and I moved to WS. Year ago from Charleston SC, My daughter is 24 yo. She is ready to find a job as well. We are working with Voc Rehab but you know how long that can take. Also she love to work with animals but no one wants that liability. She also want to learn to driver. My daughter does a lot of research and she found this driver rehab in NC Mccleanville. I may spell it wrong. But I will look into for her.

      • The first agency which establishes services is usually United Cerebral Palsy or the ARC.

        By far, the biggest gap in services is for our adult friends with autism who have graduated from high school. Some of the job placements are from the 50’s and 60’s: factory assembly jobs with not that much stimulation which causes some participants to regress.

        Some people need social-recreational supports in order to be productive. Many times, autistic people are denied fun activities that other non autistic people can achieve on their own.

        But camp, art class, bowling, and other fun activities that non Autistic people that for granted are not offered to adults with autism, and they are delegated to instead of helping them make decisions or choices on their own.

        I have seen depression in my own son who worked in a vocational setting, and he began to regress.
        I placed him in an interactive program which blends vocational and social skills, and for the first time in three years, he is smiling when he comes home. Not every autistic person likes factory work, and need more stimulation or else they will regress. Also, the more parallel programs operating, the more the person with autism will understand the world at large. Autistic jobs seem to be in out of the way ugly factories with staff that basically warehouse people.

  9. Are there any places in Maryland particularly Annapolis area that hire adults with Asperger? Thank you so much for this very much needed resource.

  10. If Autism Speaks is listed and this list helps people on the spectrum then I could care less if she mentioned it in her blog. I sure could have used resources a long time ago but the so called professionals believed that Autism affected only males. As a result, I had to live in a NT world with no support and had lost multiple jobs due to not fitting in. I had to work multiple low paying jobs to the point of utter exhaustion. If you don’t want her help with this list than so be it. That is your choice and not necessarily a wise one. Please keep the blog up. There are those who desperately seeking employment. I fortunately now work in an environment that is perfect for me.

  11. Hi Jessica. I am looking for employment support/guidance for my 30 year old son who has high functioning autism. He has a Master’s degree in accounting and two years of work experience in that area. He recently got laid off from his job. Do you know of anything in the CT/RI area that is a resource for young adults like this?

      • Hi Jessica,

        I too am searching to help my son find an employer that will be patient and help him path his career goals. He applies to jobs but is unsuccessful at the interviews. He has Autism and is in Pharmacy School. He lives in the Tampa Bay area of FL. Right now he would greatly benefit by having a part-time job in the pharmacy field to help increase his skills that could lead to full-time employment upon graduating this summer. Any guidance or employee contacts you can provide is greatly appreciated.

  12. My son has Asperger and has a bachelors in communications. As most with the spectrum social skills and his shyness in interviews I know has kept him from getting jobs. These companies such as Home Depot how do they know the applicant has autism. I have emailed the corporate office to see if there is special application process. I would love for my son to get a job in his field of study; tv production/film editing in SW Florida. Do to his social skills at interviews when he was in college for internships he was not picked for any. He has a job now but nothing he came make a living wage with.

      • I noticed that your company was on the list and checked it out, but your company being located on the opposite coast and relocating might be something he can’t afford. We are in Punta Gorda.

  13. I was more than happy to uncover this site.
    I want to to thank you for ones time due to this wonderful read!!
    I definitely loved every little bit of it and I have you book-marked to check out new stuff in your
    web site.

  14. I’m the founder of Platinum Bay Technologies. I created our custom business software products and services company from the ground up to successfully employ Autistic people, based on the challenges I’ve faced in the traditional workplace. We now have six Autistic people and growing.

  15. Would anyone know of employment opportunities in the Freehold, New Jersey area? My son is high functioning and enjoys working with animals and loves going to museums. He has some social anxiety which we continue to work on everyday. He has such a STRONG desire to fit in and be accepted by others, but he struggles to keep up with his peers. He just turned 18 and we are looking into a STEP program through our school district but I was wondering if anyone knew of other avenues that would could explore?
    Kind Regards 🙂

  16. Hello, Jessica –

    Thank you for this helpful story. Per your invitation, the Exceptional Children’s Foundation (ECF.net) would like to be added to your list. ECF provides Pathways to Employment for high school students and adults with special needs across the greater Los Angeles area. For students, ECF offer a non-public high school that includes WorkAbility pre-vocational training and the opportunity to earn their diploma. For adults, ECF offers classroom and hands-on employment training, during which participants can earn minimum wage for work hours performed. ECF also provides industry-specific Training Academies in software testing, CNC machining, and warehouse services, with additional academies in the works. Lastly, ECF partners with more than 70 businesses who employ participants in competitive, community-based jobs. For more information, visit ECF.net or contact us at 310-204-3300,

  17. Hello, I am an adult on the autistic spectrum and I have a recent degree in Medical Laboratory Technology and a Clinical Laboratory Technologist license and am struggling to find a job (or even just getting to the interview stage), i went to various places to spruce up my resume and the best it got me was a phone call for a *possible* interview.

    i am interested in a microbiology oriented position on the 2nd or 3rd shift but i am flexible.

  18. Where, near Jackson Michigan, can we find companies who will hire asperger’s people? My son is NOT tech minded and not mathematical, he is brilliant in history, writing and language usage. He hated formal schooling so college is out. Where do you go with that? It’s been a struggle. He worked at a library and absolutely loved it but they had no full time opportunities without a masters and that is not going to happen. He is now employed in a machine shop full time but it’s not where he should be.

  19. Hi. I have a 18 year old son that is high functioning autisum. He graduated this year and was looking foward in working and earning money. Honestly I don’t know where to start, who to contact. He did get his foot in at a VR Program threw the state. But we were told it was going to take a few mores weeks for her to get all the paperwork going. My son is starting to become more sad that he can’t be like other adults and have a jib. It is breaking my heart. I know there’s a program out here called SARRC but I guess they don’t take our insurance. So I don’t know if all programs go by insurance. So if anyone knows any workplaces or programs that could help my son that would be great. I live in Mesa,Az. Thank u.

    • I lived in AZ for almost two years. I have autism and went through AZ VR. They only care about finding the fastest way to get the person off their books, not about finding out the person’s barriers and working to address them finding them work that they can do even with their conditions. They see people not as people but as dollar amounts, and will just dismiss someone who has a lot of barriers and needs a lot of help to address them. I’m amazed they’re not all hauled off in handcuffs and charged with abuse of disabled people. AZ’s VR agency is a microcosm for the whole state in general and how heartless it is.

      Best advice I can give you is move out of Arizona. That’s what helped me out. Praying that you’ll find the help for your son that he needs to live a full and happy life. Blessings…

  20. I have a 35 year old son who has Aspergers. He is struggling to obtain his general equivalency diploma. His greatest struggle is math. He lives on his own and cares for himself. Although he has no work. I also have a 19 year old son who is still in school. He’s also a high functioning autistic young man. We live in NY. I have not seen any program other than LI. I would like to help my son’s find employment in what makes them happy. The oldest is interested in real estate and the youngest in production and film. Ate there any programs in NY that you know of that might train my son’s in those particular areas. I’d be so grateful for your feed back.

  21. My 20 year old daughter has autism. She currently attends college part time. I need for her intership so she can learn about the workplace. Or a part time job…

  22. My daughter is 23 yrs old and has ASD, ADD, Selective Mutism. She attend college part time. Her goal is to become a Vet Tech. She had a interview with a Vet Clinic but did not get the job. The job consisted of cleaning cage, feeding, give medication and walking the dogs. It was a small practice and I felt it would be a great fit for her since she want to be a Vet Tech plus she need 20 hrs of observation to get in the program at college. Also Vocational Rehab has been working with her and the Job Coach went to the interview with her, but they still did not want to give her a chance. Her Case worker at Voc Rehab has called several Vet Clinics and Animal Society to see if she could job shadow, but no one here in Charleston SC will not give her a chance. Mainly due to social anxiety ( use note pad on phone to communicate) , eye contact, slow movement. Now she is thinking about changing her major. It is hard out here for anyone, but especially adults with a disability. If anyone know of jobs in Charleston SC area or North Carolina that hire ASD, please let me know. She love gaming, animals, computers.

  23. My son is 19 and earned the CDOS certificate. We live on Long Island in NY. Inquiring on any job opportunities or internships available prefer suffolk county

  24. Is there a list for Alberta Canada? My 22 yr old has Asperger’s and needing some guidance. Specific to Calgary area.


  25. Dear Jessica, Thank you so much for such a great article! My husband Tim had Aspergars and needs a good job. He has been working at his present one for about 12 years now but I think he needs a change. We’ve been married for two years now and I am trying so hard to get into his world. We live in Indianapolis, Indiana. I saw Walgreens and Home Depot on your list. Those companies are near us but could you possibly know of anything else? He’s a great guy if he’s given a chance.

  26. My son Gavin just completed an 8 month carpentry program at Worksource East (Vocational school) in Goldsboro,North Carolina.
    We live in GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA. He’s high functioning with a drivers license. Very hard working. Looking for some type of entry level/assistant furniture making company.

  27. Jessica,
    This is a fabulous list! Thank you for posting it. I am happy to see more companies proactively hiring those with autism. Do these companies or others have any training materials they use to help educate co-workers about the differences people on the spectrum bring to the workplace? Being hired by a company is just the first step. Being accepted within is the next step.

    Likewise, do managers have information both about and for people on the spectrum so they can more effectively communicate with one another? Or do HR departments have any coaching materials for people on the spectrum that may help them be more successful on the job?

    There is so much education that could be happening in companies that could also benefit those with autism that are employed, have not disclosed and have workplace struggles. This is a talent pool that should be tapped far more often than it is.

  28. We live on Long Island and my 19 year old daughter has Aspergers and is a full time college student and also works part time at Bed, Bath & Beyond. She works a few hours in the morning before the store opens in the cleaning and stock departments. I’m not sure if they knew she has autism when they hired her but they probably know it now. She is never late, won’t call in sick, and is very methodical with her duties so they love having her there. She likes her job because it’s easy and mindless chores most days but the feeling of accomplishment and the paycheck keeps her going.

  29. My son is 27 and has Aspergers. He is looking for a job in the IT field in the NYC area. He has several years of job experience in the IT field, most recently working in desktop support for the past 2 years. He struggles with anxiety on interviews so is having difficulty finding a job. He is wonderful, incredibly bright, and extremely hard working. He also enjoys working with his hands. if anyone knows of an opportunity or resource for him it would be greatly appreciated.

  30. Looking for company that will support my son with high functioning autism in Madison, Wisconsin area. He has both a B.S. and M.S. in computer science from great institutions but has been struggling in typical jobs due to communication demands. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  31. My son will be graduating from college in the spring with a Bio Chemistry/ Molecular Biology degree. He needs a job – we live in a St Louis. Any ideas?
    He’s very socially awkward but he’d be such a trusting, honest and loyal employee! He just needs a chance!
    Thank you in advance.

  32. My 22 year old son is graduating in May 2017 with a BioChemistry/Molecular Biology degree along with a minor in Computer Science. Do you know of anyone in the St Louis, Missouri area that is hiring kids on the spectrum?

    Thank you
    Brenda Strege

  33. I am a 30yo single mother of a normal/smart child, but I lost my SSI years ago and, I’m also a certified welder, I am struggling to get a welding job! Was wondering if you know of some welding companies or unions that hire aspies!m? I also love being around horses and has always wanted to work as a ranch hand to learn how to own/run a ranch of my own one day! My daughter loves horses as well! I also love doing photography, and traveling! I’m struggling financially and would really like some help, voc rehab has helped with me getting my certs but they can only do so much and I don’t know what to do! I am so lost, can you help me? Please and thank ya kindly!

  34. I understand this post has been awhile. But I was browsing the net to look for an answer with the same dilemma in my head. I have a son with autism and he is now 18 years old. It is really hard taking care of him for the past 18 years. However, I want him to experience what its like to have a job. I don’t think there’s any company that accepts them. And it makes me really sad.

  35. Hi Jessica,
    My son, who is 30 years old, has a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome. He has a B.A. in History. He has been searching for a job, that pays more than minimum wage, for over three years. Vocational Rehab has been of no significant help to him. Recently, he contacted SAP, inquiring about their program in hiring autistic individuals. He is still waiting to hear from them. We live in Delaware, one hour from SAP headquarters in Newtown Square, PA. If you can provide any guidance in helping my son, I would greatly appreciate it.

  36. Hi Jessica,
    My 30 year old son has a diagnosis of Aspergers. He has a B.A. in History. For the past several years he has been working in minimum wage paying jobs. Vocational Rehab has been of little value in helping him. He recently contacted SAP to inquire about their hiring of autistic individuals. He is still waiting on a reply. We live in Delaware, just one hour from SAP’s headquarters in Newtown Square, PA. If you can give him any guidance, I would greatly appreciate it.

  37. I have a 24 year old high functioning autistic son. He recently graduated college with a B.A. in liberal arts with a history minor and game technology minor. His struggle or our struggle is communication. We are now trying to find services in northwest Illinois that can help him move forward and gain employment and independence. He interned and worked at a local warehouse dismantling electronics but the language and noise was too much for him. We have contacted Autism Speaks without success. Even contacted a local company that Autism Speaks site recommends but they say we have to get a referral from another agency for services. Am I missing something I know my son has a disability and needs help and if there is a local company that provides help shouldn’t that help be available without multiple hoops to jump thru or a run around? any help would be appreciated.

    • My son is working w/ the local state work force center at our county office – maybe that might be a starting point (?)
      —- but he has gotten a job yet either only a few interviews

    • Illinois is tough. I too live in the NW burbs of Chicago. Today, my son was fired from Walmart because he didn’t pass their one size fits all pathways test. He doesn’t test well. He’s fine, socially, but struggles to stay on task and time manage. I did inform them that he’s autistic, to no avail.
      He hated high school and barely graduated this past spring. College may not be in the cards. He shows no real interest or strength in any specific field. I’m at a loss and don’t want to set him up to fail, but he has to become self reliant. I’m not immortal.
      Illinois is a financial train wreck and programs to aid those with special needs are virtually non- existent. Wish I could help you! Best to you

  38. My son lives in Houston Texas, do you know of any company’s in our area hiring autistic adults with college degree. Thank you in advance.

  39. My son is 27 years old, moderate functioning autistic. He is just coming out of Leukemia treatment but he is physically capable of a variety of jobs. Do you have any resources or ideas in Denver area? Thank you.

  40. Hi Jessica

    Don’t know if you could direct me in the right direction to finding my son some support. Came across you page looking for advise.
    My son is 22 yrs old with HF Autism
    “Aspergers Syndrome “. He has been enrolled & is completing his Associates degree in the Arts. He would like to be an Elementary Art Teacher. As he attends school, he also works. He is his own advocate when it comes to college. But his problem is he can’t seem to hold onto a position without any social issues. He was just let go again for being bullied out of another job for some lame excuse! It’s so frustrating! I’m worried about his mental state. He is such a hard worker, always on time, last one to leave & is always willing to be a team player. It’s him reading social cues & the ignorance of his peers & them walking all over him that seems to cause issues. It just kills me. I don’t know what rights or whom we should be seek advise from as he will be continuing his college education to rec. his Bachelors degree & will be wanting to lead a productive life as he heads out into the workforce. He does receive services through ACESS for continuing his education but not for anything else. He received so much help & resources when he was in HS but now has nothing. Due to being financially strapped ourselves we don’t know where to turn. Any recommendations or advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  41. Hi in Houston working with the state to find employment for our 24 year old high functioning autistic son. He has medical issues too that limit what he can lift only 20 lbs. He is a very good gamer and I am going to look into some of these links. If you know of any new companies or have any updates please share them. Thank you!

  42. I am trying to help a co-worker find information on who to get in touch with or where to go to get help for his 23 year old son who is autistic fi d a job. He has graduated college. They live in southern Massachusetts. About 20 miles south of Boston. He is at his wits end and I’d like to help fi d him some direction. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  43. Hello I have a 21 year old daughter with Mild Asperger’s. I’ve had agencies like Vocational Rehabilitation , Resource 6 . And nothing. I tell them what she really needs ,a life coach, transportation to and from work , a tutor that will work with her one on one. They say they don’t offer those services. We’ve tried applying for jobs anywhere where they say they hire people with Asperger’s and they still don’t hire her. There is too much discrimination out here. She is on a list to wait for funds for the services I asked for with the agency for persons with disabilities ( APD). Please help.

  44. Seems like the U.S. needs lobbying and laws created around mandating employers with government contracts andor of a certain size to hire individuals with Autism / Asperger’s Syndrome. Civil rights, EEOC whatever can be galvanized to come to the aid of our youth in this country. They deserve a chance to work in a abuse/discrimination free work environment. Companies must include these ABILITIES in their diversity training.

    No bullying…no discrimination…will be cited and fined by the federal government.

    MY 4 year old grandson seems to be on the spectrum. Very bright; little eye contact; self stimulates; self directed verbal language is slow..may not respond when spoken to; very organized, loves languages; swimming…all day if you let him; does not interact with kids during play; etc.

    The U. S. must have a public service announcement campaign to educate and bring awareness to this country.

  45. Good Evening,

    My name is Mike and wondering what the best resources are to find my high functioning brother a job. Located in west palm beach florida or surrounding areas.

    Mike G

  46. I have two brothers in law that are struggling to keep jobs due to thier Aspergers and only being high school graduates. They live in Boise Idaho area.

    I also have a five year old with high functioning autism and this list gives me hope, thanks.

  47. hi, I am looking for a job in Minnesota for my son who is having autism. Could you please guide me in finding jobs for him in Minnesota location?

  48. My son graduated has mild autism. We live in the Raleigh area, NC. He graduated December 2017 from North Carolina State University with a bachelor in chemical engineering and a minor in math. He resume is strong with two internships while in college. He has had lots of interviews, but no job offers. He worked for two months doing software testing. He’s desperate, tired of interviews and depressed. Can anyone help?

  49. My son is 27 and has mild Asperger’s. He wants to work and be independent, drives and has attended the community college here. It breaks my heart that nobody wants to give these awesome individuals a chance. We live close to Durham/Raleigh. If anyone knows somewhere that is interested in hiring an amazing and loyal person please let us know.

  50. Just heard an incredible radio interview on the BBC (probably findable if you’re interested) about an insurance call centre that employed an autistic guy.

    Now this was no extra special case, it was just a regular call centre, with regular folk working in it. But turns out this guy was literally their star seller. What his supervisor described as a company leader, who our performed many of his colleagues on a regular basis.

    Just shows you what can be achieved.

    PS. Really glad this thread got back on track. Hater be hatin’ and all that.

  51. My son just turned 29 and is an Aspie. Our experience here in the Dallas area is, he can sometimes “find” work due to the great number of openings here; however, actually being able to DO the work has been tough and I worry about the emotional implications of sending him to work (Brookshire Grocery and now McDonalds) in an environment when other young, peers are teasing and yelling at him to hurry up.

    Please make a note that your article has some misinformation about Non-Pariel Institute in Plano, TX. 1) current 2018 MONTHLY “tuition” is $850 and 2) Non-pariel is NOT set up for any kind of housing, which means the extreme travel distance and cost, make it beyond the reach of most folks on this form. I am not disparaging the facility, but it is definitely not the God-send we are all looking for.

  52. Hello,

    I Ms. Miller-Merrell:

    I have a brother who has high function autism. He lives in San Antonio, TX and is struggling to find a job in finance. Any suggestions?


  53. Hello, I’m a 28 year old adult with Autism. I’m trying to find a job in Austin, TX. I’m really good at customer service, and I’ve worked as a janitor, but I’m really fast at typing and I’d love to find a data entry related job. I’m about to lose my job at this thrift store on Dec. 1st, 2018. I’m living independently, but if I don’t find a job soon, I’ll be homeless. PLEASE HELP.

  54. My son is 27, high function Asperger/autism, live in Seattle area, he has AA in apply science. We tried talk to Microsoft autism disability program, they only consider someone already know how to do programming.
    My son likes to learn how to do programming or software testing, but regular class settings is hard for him.
    Any ideas on how he can learn these skills?
    Any companies be able to offer an entry level trainings around or near Seattle area?
    We also open to another job options as well.

    Thank you so much!

  55. I have a 29 year old daughter who has been struggling to find a job that is longterm. She was misdiagnosed with bipolar for many years but was recently determined as to falling on the spectrum by her therapist. Which explains why her meds never helped. She has been out of work over the last 6 months. She feels she is unemployable due to here sensory overloads. Noises severly stress here out and random bouts of anxiety. Can you recommend any job listings where she could apply in Hurst, Texas?

  56. I have a friend who went through the Microsoft autism hiring program recently, and had a terrible experience, was treated shabbily. I wrote a short essay about what happened, and my friend felt like he did something wrong, and thinks his autism is now going to be an impediment to working…all because at the time he was unemployed and homeless like many autistic persons. Anyways…


    Joshua K.

  57. Our 28 year old son has non verbal learning disability which is a visual learning disability classified in the ASD spectrum.. He communicates very well and struggles mostly with OCD and anxiety. He has a BA in Business but works part time in dietary in a nursing home. He struggles financially and requires much support from us. We worry about his future needs and financial security. We see there are wonderful internships for ASD young adults in TX. Do we have anything in NE.

  58. I am on the spectrum. I saw that many people left extremely hateful comments. I would have to do more research to form an opinion about Autism Speaks. One comment particularly struck me, I paraphrase (because I don’t want to go back and find direct quote): you are just blogger and want to generate as much money as possible. I’m unemployed (actively seeking work) and near starvation, but even if you are just trying to make (lots of) extra money I deeply encourage that because I f**ing love (hyper)-capitalism and money and it takes a man or woman of the highest degree of spiritual fitness to be genuinely altruistic. Ultimately, in this country (USA), unless you generate AT LEAST $300,000/year (actually may be gross underestimate), we’re all very f*ing “poor”. Much love and I hope/pray both for your soul and that you make lots of money however you define that (and whatever your financial need/desire may be, you’re still probably aiming way too low, if you were to tell me that figure).

  59. Hello
    My son has Aspergers is 25 and just finished his Masters Degree in Biological Sciences. Living near Peoria IL amd haven’t been able to make it past interview
    Any suggestions would nw appreciated.

  60. A team of folks from SUNY is in process of planning the development of a MOOC (major open online course) for high functioning young adults on the spectrum on the topic of introduction to robot simulation and Offline programming (OLP). There is a growing need for robot programming, operation, testing and maintenance, with estimated millions of related job openings expected in upcoming years in these areas. The reason – Online eCommerce sales is taking over the world with thousands of fullfilment centers, that are highly automated with robots, conveyor belts and automated storage systems, all of which need to be programmed, operated, tested and maintained. It is expected however that many of these job openings will not be fulfilled in the next decade due to major shortage of employees with proper skillsets. This is an excellent opportunity for young adults on the spectrum to look for training opportunities in Robotics programming. It is as much fun as playing a video game with a typical hourly wage of $35/hour. We will keep this blog audience informed with our progress.

    • Can you provide more information about the SUNY online course? My 36-year old son is out of work again and needs to try something different!

  61. I have a 23 year old with Autism looking for job opportunities. We live in North Charleston, South Carolina. What can you suggest?

  62. Dear Jessica,

    I am a recent migrant to Toronto, Canada with a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome. Could you give me some advice as to how I could find employers actively seeking employees with HFA?

    Thank you.

  63. Dr ODIA cure my 11 years old son from autism with his herbal autism cure he sent to me, my son has problem of concentration,maturity, yeast over him, and so many things i can’t even think of, we have been trying to make him better, even lot of natural supplements,i have tried so many hospital medications just to make him get better on his health generally, nothing seems to work out good, until i met a very good friend of my. i told her about my son situation, immediately she said to me that she knows of an herbal DOCTOR who has cured so many children with autism, quickly i collected the contact from her and contacted him via email (odiaherbalcenter @ yahoo. com) i told him what brought me to his solution home, and he told me all i need for my son to get cured is to purchase his autism root herbs and seed oil which i did, and start using the herbs as he instructed me on how to use it on my son, and my greatest surprise after two weeks of using the herbs my son was totally cured and free from autism that has been an embarrassment. i’m glad to come out here online and share my own testimony. you out there also having an autistic child suffering from autism hurry Dr ODIA will surely have a cure for you. contact him via email: odiaherbalcenter @ yahoo. com

    • Autism can not be cured it is a physical and mental disability so please keep your ignorant statements to yourself

  64. I have a son with Asperger syndrome. He is in middle school. I want to start looking into careers for him now. His interest seems to be in the computer technology field. He says he wants to be a video game tester. I’d love to know if there are any options or programs here in the Northern Sacramento area. Also, if there are any mentors.

    Thanks for your article and resources.

  65. I have aspergers and been through 30 jobs. I am now 47 and currently have applied over 200 jobs since Nov 2018.

  66. Is there any companies local to Missouri besides Autism Speaks or Easter Seals that can help with an autist being hired? My friend is needing a job but unfortunately Autism Speaks and Easter Seals were unable to help out. Thanks.


  68. colleen starkloff (starkloff Institute) in Saint Louis MO advocates for people with disabilities with multiple corporations. She is an incredible champion of universal design and accessibility. Her institute not only makes inroads, but they run some amazing bootcamps for job seekers. Her program is covered for some people through vocational rehabilitation. https://starkloff.org/

  69. Hi JessSica,
    Please excuse the all capitals and bold. i don’t know why my comment is so presented. I appreciate the work you are doing. I have aspergers and am looking for independence by working a warehouse job in the great states of South carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, or Texas. I can be a great asset because of my attention to detail. I plan to continue towards my fitness goals to work quicker. My poor working memory has taken so much from me in this life. I have spent decades learning about social interactions and many other things germane to my major. But because i can’t spit it out quick enough have below average eye contact i don’t do well in interviews. Im lucky to have played tennis with many important men and women (mostly men) who have come to know me as a stand up guy.

    I was able to get good at tennis through memorization of instructional videos, in person drills, tv, and reading. And practice extensively. So i operate strongly with my long term memory. i hope you will allow people to check out my linkedin profile http://www.linkedin.com/in/robert-hurley-jr-17707b3b and message me at bobbyhurleyjr@gmail.com
    Please excuse the all capitals bold font. My name is Buzz Lightyear I come in Peace.


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