Check Out SpareFoot’s Recruiting “Mockumentary”

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Check Out SpareFoot’s Recruiting “Mockumentary”


I received notice of a very… different type of recruiting video that I felt compelled to share, after viewing it. At first glance, I was not sure if it was created for a real company or just as a gag. I looked up the website associated with the video and found this:

SpareFoot is the world’s largest marketplace for self-storage. We’re having a blast building our business, and we’re looking for other smart folks who get things done. We believe in test-driven design, constantly rethinking, and moving fast. Some might even say we’re a “lean” startup. SpareFoot is backed by Silverton Partners and Floodgate.

I was still skeptical until I found some info about them on Bloomberg. Okay, enough of that.

I liked this video for a few reasons:

  1. I thought it was genuinely funny. It reminded me of “The Office” but, with more sight gags and slapstick. 
  2. It gave the company a personality, which I thought was a good trick. I mean, what is more bland than a storage unit?
  3. It sparked my curiosity enough for me to investigate whether or not it was connected to a real company (as I mentioned earlier).

Curious to what you think of it. Let me know?


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  1. Mitch Sullivan says

    I thought it was desperately unfunny. Not sure what it is they’re trying to say about their company either.

    It was like a video version of “You don’t have to be mad to work her, but it helps!”

    I admire them for trying though.


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