Collaboration with Strangers


Earlier this year at the HRevolution conference I was asked “what does disrupting HR mean to you?” I didn’t have a flawless answer (in fact I might have rambled a bit which isn’t shocking to anyone that knows me) but I said something to the effect of being willing to disrupt yourself.

 Collaboration with Strangers

We also had a spirited debate about if we even needed to disrupt HR at all or if the whole disrupt movement wasn’t another cliche in the waiting but the more I thought about it the more I wanted to revisit the theme of disrupting yourself or for those who think disruption is a cliche: challenging yourself.


This month when Chris Ponder asked us to discuss our advice for the new year, I decided to give you the same medicine I’m taking in 2015: Challenge Yourself.


That seems like a fairly easy concept right? You could challenge yourself in any number of ways:

  • trying new food
  • trying a new workout
  • driving a different way to work


Those are all good ways to challenge yourself and just small amounts of change can increase creativity.  But I don’t want you to settle for the small, I want you think big: .


  • I want you to challenge your long held beliefs and assumptions.
  • I want you to challenge your perspective on the world, your work, your team, your family.
  • I want you to think about one challenge in your life and what you can do to change it, resolve it or remove it.


That is what I want you to do. Here is how I am going to challenge myself this year:


I will take the meditation class I’ve been talking about taking for a year. Meditation can be difficult but dedicated practice produces great benefits. I’ve put off taking a class for a number of reasons (I’m moving. I just moved. I’m organizing. I’m whatever…) but that stops now.


I will write more. I know that you can only become a better writer through practice but I don’t write enough and I have a steady stream of excuses (see above). I will write 3-5 times a week,  even if it is junk.


I will stay in touch.  I confess that I am not good at staying in touch with people. I don’t send Christmas cards or I intend to call people “just because” and then I don’t. Going forward I will deliberately and actively stay in touch.


How about you? What are you doing to challenge yourself in 2015? Tell us in the comments.



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