65% of CEO’s See No Use for Social Media in Recruiting Process

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I’m not a person who waits around for things of to happen. I make them through ridiculous amounts of research, preparation and creating a strategy long before the actual execution happens. Most relationships and connections, however, only become aware of you mid-way through your plan, goal or transformation not understanding the amount of work, time or commitment something took for you to accomplish along the way.

CEO’s Doubt Social Media in Recruiting Process

Last week while I attending the International Association of Employment Websites Spring Congress in San Diego, I listened to yet another executive misunderstand how social media is used to connect, build relationships and engage. It’s not surprising but it is disappointing that 65% CEO’s see no use for social media in recruiting

Several attendees including myself live tweeted Vic Buzachero, Corporate Senior Vice President for Innovation, Human Resources & Performance Management at Scripps Health was speaking.

This social media disconnect is the fundamental challenge for executives. Social media at it’s most basic level is about connection, and unfortunately that’s not something most executives have an interest or time for, but they should be because it is how their employees are communicating.

Executive Adoption of Social Media

There are hundreds maybe thousands of experts who share insights on topics that can benefit you are a professional, personally or as an organization in whatever your role or responsibility may be.  Unfortunately, social media adoption by senior executives is still relatively low despite how widespread use of these tools by marketers and the children of these same executives who are in key positions at your company.

I always assumed that key business leaders would adopt social media because it is in their best interest to understand the channel to build and execute a high level strategy. I was wrong. Great strategists in businesses might realize the importance of social media but have no interest in actually learning how to use the tools themselves so they just hire members to do all the leg work never lifting a finger at all. At least least that’s my impression in hearing a panel of CEO’s and senior leaders as well as Vic last week. The trend will likely continue until the digital native generations move into senior level roles.

In the corporate world, we are taught to believe that in order to further our own careers and build a personal brand, we must do so aligned and attached to the organization. Well, I’m here to tell you that a belief like that is extremely naive. Opportunities, achievements and advancements come to those who either have a network of personal or professional connections or work hard to be really good at what they do.

There are 7 primary ways to use social media for work as outlined in the graphic below.

uses-of-social-media Social media is a great way to learn, absorb and research information on hyperdrive, but most executives won’t know or understand the variables or the connections and learning that doing so brings. As a professional you have instant access to thousands of experts who are talented, connected and provide information, resources and articles to help you achieve your professional goals. Additionally, social media provides individuals and companies access to experts and case studies who are in similar industries, positions and work for organizations that can help you research and learn more.

The real question is how do we help executives like Vic get the memo from their employees. Social media isn’t about broadcasting the eating of cereal to 30 million people every morning. It’s something more, and until business leaders understand, we are swimming up stream.

Learn more about social media fundamentals in recruiting by joining me on a Saba webinar 5/27 4 PM EST. Click here

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