How to Negotiate Your Contract Recruiting Hourly Rate

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I love working on the contract. It’s mostly because I have perpetual career ADHD. I love a challenge and when I exceed expectations and get into a point where things get comfortable, I like to move on to the next big thing. This is why contract recruiting and career positions suit me. How to Negotiate […]

Where The Jobs Are & Where The Candidates Are [INFOGRAPHIC]

Where The Jobs Are & Where The Candidates Are Each Friday The Recruiter’s Lounge is going to bring you Infographic Fridays. We’ll be finding really interesting and different infographics to share. Hope you enjoy! Do you know where your candidates are? gives us an interesting inforgraphic that might help you narrow down your next […]

Secret to Effective Referral Recruiting Emails & InMail on LinkedIn

This is part 3 of my LinkedIn InMail Messaging series. You read part one and part two. Hands down my favorite way of finding candidate diamonds in the rough is through referrals and recommendations either within my network or someone who I come acrossed that is connected and willing to share. There is a fine art […]

RevolutionHR launches HR focused crowd-funding campaign making history as pioneer in #HRTech

“You’re greater than you know…” New software is designed to help you achieve greatness in life and work by using latest technology. Dallas, TX – June 20, 2014 – RevolutionHR, has announced it will launch a crowd funding campaign this summer for it’s new product, MaximusLife, focused on making you great at life and work. MaximusLife is seeking $50,000 […]

5 Recruiting & Sourcing Hacks to Save You an Hour a Day

Seems like there is never enough time in the day. While technology helps us immensely in our jobs, it also serves as a reminder I can always do more in my day. This reality serves as a constant reminder. Since moving to the Pacific Coast, my work day starts at 5 AM. It’s not uncommon […]