Making the Effort to Attract What You Need

making the effort to attract what you need

Making the Effort to Attract What You Need We have kids graduating from school, looking for work, looking for love – something great! My wife comments that the stories she hears sound the same, should they be job search or dating oriented. I get it – they have similarities. It’s probably why eHarmony developed Elevated […]

Can You Handle a Long Career in HR?

I came to an HR career after about 12 years in Engineering and Operations. I had been on the periphery, trying to learn how to make operations better through better people-related decisions. As anyone who has spent a significant time in HR will tell you, there comes a time where nothing about people will surprise […]

Is Trust a Coincidence?

Is it an amazing coincidence… …the leaders I trusted the most through my career were the exact same leaders who placed their trust in me? …I believed in the leaders who believed in me? …I cared about the leaders who cared about me? …I gave the benefit of the doubt to the leaders who gave […]

Three More Powerful Words from a Leader: “I Trust You”

Three More Powerful Words from a Leader In July, I wrote an article titled, “Three Powerful Words from a Leader: “It’s My Fault”, the article was about the importance of a leader owning mistakes. Continuing in the series, today I am going to write about three more powerful words from a leader: “I Trust You”. We aren’t flawless, […]

Legal, Compliance and Fines – Oh My!

As we make our way through our work week that is the yellow brick road, we are sometimes startled by the issues that are thrown our way. Often times the issues with which we are faced involve grievances from employees and complaints of unfair treatment. Because we are bright, we have not fallen asleep in […]

3 Things I Love About e-Verify

3 Things I Love About e-Verify E-Verify is the internet based system that compares the information from an employee’s I-9 to information in the Homeland Security and Social Security Administration databases to confirm the employee is eligible to work legally in the United States. Many states require employers to use e-Verify to administer their I-9 […]