Google Analytics is Your Recruiting Secret Weapon

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As our work in recruitment and hiring becomes more digital, we need tools, reporting, and metrics that help us understand the needs, interests, and activities of our candidates for the positions we are recruiting for not to mention the specific company brand. Thankfully there are ways in order to accomplish this that require some planning, […]

HR Learning From Healthcare

My wife underwent surgery recently. This provided me the chance to spend days at a time hanging out in a hospital. My intention was to be present to meet my wife’s needs in any way. I couldn’t help but watch everything that was happening there with keen interest. Their procedures and processes piqued my interest, […]

The Employee Self-Service Challenge

The Employee Self-Service Challenge!   Back in the day, HR did a lot of manual data entry on behalf of employees: Print up and mail out paper paychecks Entered benefit changes in the system Entered tax withholding changes Entered address changes Updated direct deposit information Then self-service came along and we decided our employees could […]