11 Podcasts to Make You a Recruitment Marketing Pro

11 podcasts to make you a recruitment marketing pro

Between work, family and crazy side gigs, I’ve given up on the idea of finding time to read. Podcasts allow me to do what every working parent does best – multitask. I listen to loads of them and learn while folding the laundry, FTW! Recruitment Marketing is currently the hot industry buzzworthy term. Smashfly is […]

You Hired Kanye West?

His resume is a perfect fit. Required Skills? Check. Desired Skills? Check. Stuff you didn’t even know you wanted? Check. By the time you reach the last word on his resume you mentally stamp it with HIRED.  In your mind, the interview is just a formality so you miss all of the warnings and cues […]

Don’t Tell Me What To Do

In the world of management, one of the things we often hear is “there’s a difference between training and development.” Understanding and living this in the handling of performance is one of the most difficult things to do. I still struggle with that boundary from time to time. It is hard to know exactly where […]

Development is a Partnership

Remember that thing called “development”? It seems companies have lost sight of it and employees have become brats about the situation. It is pretty much essential for today’s businesses to be able to quickly identify their top and even average performers. It is even more essential that once these individuals have been identified that a […]

The ROI Game

Probably the most overused and perhaps overrated term in business is “ROI” better known as “return on investment”. The concept of ROI was built upon the premise that businesses could have an expectation of seeing gains and/or being made whole as a result of investing in a program, initiative, product etc. The operative word here […]