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Resume Writing for IT Job Hoppers

Strategies for IT Job Seekers to Include In Their Resumes

Resume Writing for IT Job Hoppers In today’s job market, resumes are being scrutinized like never before. And for good reason, job seekers with many short stints in their work history are concerned. After all, the label “job hopper” is one no one wants to wear. But it is common for those in the IT […]

Great Technology Cover Letters

The Importance of the Cover Letter

So many technical people ask me about the importance of the cover letter in today’s job market. The concern is that no one out there actually reads them. In fact, as many companies have gone to the online resume submission process 100%, they often don’t allow candidates to include a cover letter. Is the Cover […]

Resume Padding: 5 Reasons It’s Not Worth It

Why Honesty is Always the Best Policy

Here’s an interesting stat for you: Forty-three percent of HR managers surveyed by OfficeTeam said job applicants include dishonest information on their resumes somewhat or very often. Candidates may stretch their dates of employment by a month or two to hide a period of unemployment. They might increase the amount they exceed a sales quota […]

Common Tech Resume Mistakes

Common Resume Mistakes: Lack of Focus, Length, Big Blocks of Text, Repeated Technologies and Weak Verbs & Passive Voice

I review many technical resumes each week, and they span the horrible-great continuum. However, most tend to be in the range of average to quite poor. One I reviewed recently struck me as a prime example of what would constitute horrible. So I thought it appropriate to write a blog covering some of the common […]

How to Find Accomplishments to List on Your Resume

Transforming Responsibilities into Accomplishments: How to Highlight Your Success in Your Resume

Often when people sit down to write their resume, they automatically think in terms of responsibilities. “I had to take notes, fax people, and answer phones.” This is natural. They probably asked themselves what they did at work, and that made them think of a list of tasks. Having these things is fine, because you […]

Why the Secret to Job Hunt Success is never Volume

Why More Job Applications May Not Be The Secret To Landing A Job

Job seekers seem to think more is better. If you just put out more applications, you are likely to get more results. Right? Wrong!  Volume is NEVER the secret to success in job search A current commercial has a moderator questioning young children with the question: “Is More Better?” The children give examples why more […]