Recruiting Leaders and Mobile Innovators Gather to Celebrate Their Latest Inspiration at the 2013 Mobile Recruiting Conference

Top Talent Search with Mobile Technology

Hiring people using mobile technology is set to revolutionize the practice of digital recruitment. Smart recruiters know Americans check their mobile devices first, and relish the opportunity to respond to messages while on the go. On 23 September 2013, a mobile recruiting conference in Georgia pulls these threads together. There, visionaries, recruitment leaders and practitioners […]

Were you at mRecruitingCamp 2012? (video montage)

A snippet of the mRecruitingCamp 2012

Were you at mRecruitingCamp 2012? Last month, I was fortunate enough to be the emcee at the mRecruitingCamp 2012. If you were not there, watch the video to see what you missed. Kudos to Michael Marlatt for producing such an awesome event!

An interview with Pinstripe at #mrec12 – The Mobile Recruiting Conference

The Mobile Recruiting Conference

I had the good fortune of meeting the good people behind Pinstripe at mRecruitingCamp. They were such a smart, articulate and talented group! Immediately, I thought they could be a singing group. (smile) Tune in to hear their comments on what Pinstripe is all about. The Mobile Recruiting Conference 😉

Recruiting: Its not all about Social

It's not all about Social in Recruiting

With only a few seconds before her presentation, Sarah White was gracious enough to grant me an interview at the Social Recruiting Strategies Conference about what she learned and what she shared with others. One key takeaway, “Its not all about social.” Lesson learned: Don’t be so caught up in social that you neglect other […]

I interviewed Chloe Rada of Sodexo

Tools and Tips on Social Recruiting

I spoke with Chloe Rada of Sodexo and asked what she learned at the Social Recruiting Strategies Conference in Chicago. Tune in to hear about some cool tools and tips. interview With Chloe Rada on Tools and Tips Cited in this video: Social Recruiting Strategies Conference Chloé Rada Deliver Twitter Follow