How to create a Linkedin Group

How to Create your Own LinkedIn Group

Hat tip to my comrade-in-arms Claudia, for sending me a link from the LinkedIn blog that explains how to create your own LinkedIn group (and its so easy!) As a matter of fact, once you create your own LinkedIn Group, send me an invite and I will join. Cool? How to create a Linkedin Group […]

The Care and Feeding of Candidates

Providing a Great Candidate Interviewing Experience

Here is another great article from Howard Adamsky! Enjoy… ** The Care and Feeding of Candidates A Primer on Making a Good First Impression Treating candidates well when they come to interview is very important. The candidate must feel welcomed by everyone with whom they come in contact from the person at the front door […]

Beware “Perfect” Resumes

perfect resumes at workology

Wow! Did anybody happen to see the Dateline story about this con man who with the help of “perfect resumes” conned his way into multiple jobs. Beware “Perfect” Resumes Check it out… ** Say hello to Fred Brito, a smiling cherubic liar. One day he was known as Father Fred, while on another, he was […]