Out Now: Episode 415: Registered Apprenticeship Programs in the Clean Energy Sector With Dr. Janell Hills

Ep 20 – Recruiting Tactics in an Awesome Economy with Will Thomson

Hiring, Adversity, Talent Acquisition

Most of us are likely experiencing a frenzy of hiring and interviews right now. It’s a good time to be a recruiter or in the business of talent in 2015. The number of jobs created in 2014 are levels we have not experienced since 1999. Recruiters these days are extremely in demand. However, we are […]

Ep 19 – Facebook Privacy at Work with Aliah Wright

facebook, privacy, work, social media

My list of social media termination timeline is one of my most popular blog posts of all time. And with Facebook’s new Facebook at Work product that just launched in beta, it’s something that will continue to be at the forefront of managers and business leaders minds. This week the Facebook at Work app is […]

Ep 18 – Workplace Wardrobe Essentials with Irene Gianos

workplace, hr policies, wardrobe

Wardrobe is something that’s on my mind at of recent. That’s because I spent my holiday break organizing, purging and decluttering my own and my family’s closet and clothing. It’s something I personally hate doing, but as I get older I am thinking more about how staying fashionable without following trends can happen. I just […]

Ep 17 – 2015 HR Technology Predictions #HRTech

HR technology is a $15 billion industry in 2015. Episode 17 of the Workology Podcast is a special one. It’s a series of three fifteen minute interviews discussing 2015 human resources technology trends, predictions and insights into the market from Bill Kutik, Josh Bersin and Meghan M. Biro. Let’s dive right into the 2015 HR […]

Ep – 16 CRM’s Role in Talent Acquisition Strategy with Marylene Delbourg-Delphis

EPISODE 16: CRM’S NEW ROLE IN TALENT ACQUISITION STRATEGY WITH MARYLENE DELBOURG-DELPHIS (@MDDELPHIS) As of recent there has been a lot of marketing and content management buzz around the topic of CRM which is short for candidate relationship management not to be confused with customer relationship management used in sales and marketing. Essentially a CRM […]

Ep 15 – 2015 Workplace HR Trends with Joni Doolin

EPISODE 15: WORKPLACE HR TRENDS IN 2015 WITH JONI DOOLIN (@LUCKYPENNY) Hands down one of the smartest and best people I know is Joni Doolin. She is the CEO of TDN2K, a service consortium that provides data and analytics for their member companies. Having had the privilege of both speaking and attending a number of […]