Ep 32 – Office Ergonomics with Dr. Scott Schuck

Sometimes work can literally be a pain in the neck, back, hip…This year I’ve focused on living a more healthy lifestyle after learning that I had two pinched nerves that were becoming more problematic and painful by the day. I’m not alone in problems like these. Fifty percent of Americans admit to having some back […]

Ep 31 – Future of Mobile & SMS Text Messaging with Ron Cariker

According to a 2012 study by the Pew Charitable Trust, only 6 percent of teenagers use email. Our future workforce prefers to communicate using their mobile device and preferably using SMS and text messaging. It’s no secret that I have been a fan of mobile communication solutions especially in HR and recruiting. The future is […]

Ep 30 – High Tech New Hire Paperwork for Onboarding with Todd Owens

Episode 30: New Hire Onboarding & Paperwork Goes High Tech with Todd Owens (@Talentwise) First impressions matter especially in this hot recruiting and hiring market. We need to have our hiring and onboarding processes in order to make the best impression for our new and highly engaged and excited employees. Technology is a great way […]

Ep 29 – Wearable Tech at Work with Casey Sipe

Wearable devices are everywhere. We’re wearing them with Google Glass, using them to monitor our fitness and calorie counting. One of the newest wearables is a camera that can be pinned on a shirt or placed on a desk. Photos can be taken and controlled using your mobile phone. The wearable market is on pace […]

Ep 28 – FMLA, Workers’ Compensation & Disability Update

A few weeks back, we had our Triple Threat webinar discussing FMLA, Workers’ Compensation and Disability on Blogging4Jobs. It was extremely popular and our speakers, Eric B. Meyer and Casey Sipe received over 70 questions during our hour long webinar. Our webinar sponsor, Optis suggested we continue the conversation answering a number of the webinar questions […]

Ep 27 – How to Think Like a CEO with Libby Sartain

Episode 27: How HR Can Think Like a CEO with Libby Sartain (@libbysartain) There is so much conversation and discussion around how HR can get more buy in from the executive team. I’m a fan of going straight to the source and someone who has the experience of getting that executive buy in and building […]