Ep 37 – How to Create a Great Work Culture with Josh Berry

We want to enjoy and have fun at work. Great work culture is an important concern for CEOs and organizational leaders who are looking at retaining employees and also attracting new employees. Work culture is important regardless of the size of organization from large to small to everything in between. What makes a great work […]

Ep. 36 – How to Centralize Recruiting Processes with Raj Sheth

With so many different HR technology products and options for all size businesses, it’s realistic for HR and recruiting teams to have multiple tools, tech and resources at their fingertips to drive a well-thought out recruiting process especially now in the small to mid sized markets. You can literally fund your HR tech in SMB […]

Ep 35 – Why People Pick the Career Choices They Do with Ryan Mead

I didn’t pick human resources as one of my career choices. It picked me. I have, however, chosen to continue to working in this industry and pick what clients, partners and team members I have and continue to work with over the years. Building a great team is an important part of what makes for […]

Ep 34 – HR Technology As a Bridge with Greg Rokos

I absolutely love technology. It’s an important part of my business, but what’s most hardest for me is getting started when it comes to new technology. I’m not alone in this thinking. We like to stick we things that are comfortable and tried and true. It’s the reason your applicant tracking system hasn’t changed much […]

Ep 33 – Understanding a Technical Recruiter with Loren Guerra

In the United States, the STEM-skilled workforce is in high demand. There aren’t enough candidates skilled and educated in science, technology, engineering and math to fill the number of positions available nationwide. In fact, STEM jobs are remaining unfilled in large numbers which is why I thought it best to go to the source and talk […]

Ep 32 – Office Ergonomics with Dr. Scott Schuck

Sometimes work can literally be a pain in the neck, back, hip…This year I’ve focused on living a more healthy lifestyle after learning that I had two pinched nerves that were becoming more problematic and painful by the day. I’m not alone in problems like these. Fifty percent of Americans admit to having some back […]