New Manager Training: Four Types of Management Styles

There are so many different styles of management that a simple list would be very long, so we’re going to touch on the four most common types of management styles that you’ll see in the workplace today. In order to be an effective manager, you have to take into account that things like company size, […]

Three Basic Employment Laws for New Managers

One of the most crucial pieces of support that HR leaders are called on to provide is training new managers. This includes company-specific training on employee handbooks, general rules and other company standard operating procedures. One part of new manager training that is often overlooked is training on basic employment law. This includes Title VII, […]

New Manager Training: Using the GROW Model for Employee Coaching

Why coach employees? Being a manager is much more complicated than tasking team members with projects and conducting performance reviews. In order to create space for employees to develop current skills and learn new ones, managers need to be a coach, a mentor, and a cheerleader. Hand-holding only creates a team reliant upon a manager, […]

New Manager Training: Your Guide to Progressive Discipline

What is progressive discipline? According to, progressive discipline is a workplace disciplinary concept that uses a graduated system to inform employees of their behaviors and performance issues. It serves to provide employees with an opportunity to fix and improve difficulties linked to their job performance.  It is the role of HR leaders to train […]

Taking the Fear Out of Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs)

PIP fear is real, and it doesn’t just affect employees who receive one. When it becomes necessary to document poor performance, the performance improvement plan is a tool for both manager and employee to agree on a path in which the employee’s performance must improve. Employees tend to see PIPs as “I’m going to get […]