Mistakes Were Made – Know How To Correct the Course

The way news moves today (both real and #fakenews) I could write a post a day about how one U.S. company or another screwed up regarding public relations, customer relations, or employee relations. It could be United Airlines – pick one of many reasons – or Pepsi, or Chick-Fil-A.  Every day, something. This is not […]

Turns Out, There Is Political Discrimination and Harassment Too

There Is Political Discrimination and Harassment Too Seven or so years ago, I was asked to teach a course for a client regarding discrimination and harassment prevention. They had offices outside of  Alaska so I researched EEO issues in those states in order to update my workbook materials. My research quickly revealed an addition to my list […]

Union Mentality: A Culture of Mediocrity

Excuse me for my title. I’m sure it will offend at least one person, but I am not concerned because those of us who have worked in unionized environments know the deal. There is an aura, a way and even a stench that permeates from union environments. Although collective bargaining agreements vary from union to […]