Treat Yourself Right During the Holidays

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For those of you who work in HR, the holiday season has already reached in critical mass. You’ve probably planned and lived through the office Christmas Party by now, planned and lived through at least one family or friend group party, and are wrapping up the last of your holiday prep. Treat Yourself Right During the […]

7 Ways to Quit Stealing Blog Content

  If you are receiving this blog from me, it’s likely that instead of calling you out, I’m politely suggesting that you remove my original content that has been copied and pasted onto your site. In short, I’m tired of your shit. I appreciate that you love my blogs. Here are 7 ideas to respect […]

Exit the Echo Chamber. Demand Innovation in HR

A Journey to Embrace Innovation and Growth

It’s week three of my family and I staying in the San Francisco Bay Area and I can already feel myself getting sucked into the Silicon Valley centric point of view. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as the world and innovation moves people differently here. People follow their passions and dreams. Infinity exists. Everyone […]

You’re Over Thinking It

How to Overcome Analysis Paralysis in Your Career and Life.

Some days it seems like I spend hours and hours analyzing, thinking and rethinking through a move or a decision I want to make. I worry. I research. I research again and most importantly I obsess. My attention to detail and research is a lot of the reason why I’ve been able to be successful in […]