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You Can’t Automate the Human Being. Bring Back the Human in HR & Recruiting

A healthy existence is all about finding balance. In order to maintain a happy medium, both individuals and businesses must be adaptable and confident in who they are. This is true whether we are looking for balance in our professional or personal life. I adore the power of smartphones, computers, and automation because I work […]

Exit the Echo Chamber. Demand Innovation in HR

A Journey to Embrace Innovation and Growth

It’s week three of my family and I staying in the San Francisco Bay Area and I can already feel myself getting sucked into the Silicon Valley centric point of view. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as the world and innovation moves people differently here. People follow their passions and dreams. Infinity exists. Everyone […]

Change is Hard Especially in the Human Capital Industry

The Challenge of Change in Human Resources Management

The history of human resources is rooted in compliance, policy as well as procedure. This made change hard because change meant waiting for a government mandate regarding I-9’s or court decision changes to the ADA. But compliance is not an excuse to avoid change. Because of that human resources craves structure, a written document, a […]

The Hunt for the Pink Unicorn Starts with Your Employment Brand

Building a Strong Employment Brand

This is an ongoing series discussing the strategic role of social media and technology used in hiring and recruitment. An employment brand is a new breed of marketing and is the most advanced form of social recruiting. Companies are flocking to sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and even Pinterest to build their brand as a […]

Understanding the Social Media Hierarchy in Recruitment & Hiring

Understanding the Evolution of Recruiting Strategies

Social media, in my opinion, is the most misunderstood, popular tool, and candidate resource used by recruiters to date. Social media provides recruiters and hiring managers the opportunity to access an active candidate’s news, information and resources about themselves in real time. These potential job seekers may not be active in the sense of actively seeking […]