Paid Time Off for Activism, Is a Real Thing

For many years, employee engagement has been a hot topic. It is, by definition, the level of commitment that staff members have to the organization’s mission and values, to their work, and to the success of the business as a whole. Increased productivity is only one of the advantages that organizations that value employee engagement […]

If You Can’t Commit, Just Quit

I have the pleasure of owning my own business. While this comes with a heckuva lot of headaches and anxiety, it does come with some inherent bonuses: I own what I do! I am committed! I am all in! I gave a presentation a few weeks ago in which I talked about my belief that employees need […]

I Will Survive, HR style

survive hr, surviving hr, survive human resources, surviving human resources

(My apologies to Gloria Gaynor.) At first I was afraid, I was petrified. I kept thinking I couldn’t find the right person even nationwide. But then I spent so many nights combing resumes and stalking on LinkedIn and I grew strong. I knew we’d offer all along. And now you’re here. And it’s all new. […]

Your Lack of Motivation is Your Problem – Now Do Something About It

Your Lack of Motivation is Your Problem I have always had an open-door policy. Except now, I work in an open office and have no door – or desk – so it’s now more of a “grab-a-chair-and-sit-here” policy. It works for me. People know where to find me or they send an IM asking where […]

My HR Conference Tips for Pregnant Mamas

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I’m SO excited to for the upcoming national SHRM conference coming up this year in Vegas! In 2015 I attended a national conference that was also in Las Vegas … and I was about 6 months pregnant. I knew that the conference experience would be “different” but I wasn’t sure how and, honestly, I didn’t […]

Is My Bias Showing? (Moving from Woke-ish to Woke)

That part of my career spent in HR has been filled with new learning about people. All kinds of people. One thing I have come to learn is that there is a huge difference between understanding something about another person’s experience and feeling what they feel. I can’t know how they feel about certain things […]