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Merry Christmas from The HR Czar

Merry Christmas from The HR Czar Here at Performance I Create we have been attempting to share some holiday cheer.  I wanted to do something a little different and invite you into the Ryan home and share a few of our holiday traditions. I hope you enjoy this video piece … Happy Holidays and best […]

Smile, You’re In HR!

For those of us working in office buildings, we often find ourselves bumping into familiar faces of coworkers on a regular basis. Be it in the cafeteria while filling the coffee cup, in the hallway on the way to a meeting, or meandering through the cube farms. On occasion we nod and smile, wave, or […]

2 Miles from Disney World

Tips for a Magical Experience During Your Disney World Vacation

I love Disney World. It never gets old for me. I go every chance I get — and I geek out about it every time. I get updates on new rides, restaurants and attractions so I can be prepared. I know the ins-and-outs of the parks and resorts. And I know Goofy is definitely NOT […]

Free Your Mind

The True Meaning of Diversity in the Workplace

In many situations, it invokes emotions and heated debates like nothing else and in other situations it stimulates innovation and growth, leading companies to great success. IT is nine letters, one word. Diversity. Free Your Mind How can one “thing” result in two such varying outcomes? Simple. With diversity comes difference. It involves variances in […]

Human Resources Should Bet on Business and Money to Drive Results

Understanding the Financial Impact of ACA Taxes and Fees on Employers

What can YOU do to bring YOURSELF and HR to the forefront in your organization?  This question is posed over and over in different fashion or formats, but the underlying premise remains the same (what can I/we do to make HR more relevant?) I tend to have a default answer to this question, and it […]

How to Get Your Organization Diamond Plate & Team to Sparkle

Building a Winning Team: Lessons from Baseball for Companies

In the world of baseball it is Spring Training season! The free agents have been signed, the rookies have been called up from the triple A teams, the fields are manicured, and the Mascots’ outfits have been dry cleaned. Now it’s time to dust off the cleats and get to separating the all stars from […]