3 Types of Job Hunters Who Can’t Find Work

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You’re kicking off a new job hunt, and you’ve sent out a fresh resume. And…radio silence. Did something go wrong? Unfortunately, you may have overlooked one detail. There are three types of job seekers whose resumes are more likely to tank even if they’ve put the best skills on their resume for that job. And […]

Carnival at Work: Engaging Five Generations in the Workplace #fivegenwork

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Hello and welcome to the Carnival of HR. This month’s theme is the Five Generation Workplace or #fivegenwork on Twitter. This month we’re all about talking about generations, how we can work together and just be better human beings. We’ve broken up the carnival of HR into a number of different areas including: 1) Talking […]

Who Are the 5 Generations At Work? #fivegenwork

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Last week I launched a new podcast series and Twitter hashtag, #fivegenwork where I dive into the discussion surrounding the reality that we now work in offices, companies and organizations that employer 5 different generations. A few weeks ago I was at dinner with a group of professionals who I had just spent the day […]

Workplace Commuting Is a Working Cost Not a Living Cost

Your 9-5 is a blessed option when starting out. You want the security. You want that cheque. You want to work your way up in the company to one day leave a mark on the world. It’s a great aspiration – but sorry if I have to burst your bubble. Workplace Commuting Is a Working […]

How HR Can Help Those Entering the Working World

I’m always amazed by the amount of responses we receive when I begin to recruit for an entry level role. Hundreds of hopefuls are out there looking for someone to give them a chance and more often than not, it’s for one or two positions. It makes me wonder, how do we, as recruiters, as […]

Telephone Your Way to Your Next Internship

Everyone’s talking about mastering LinkedIn and Twitter for job and internship success, but don’t forget to master the telephone and voicemail! Your proficiency with telecommunications will certainly make an impact on hiring managers. Your voice is an important aspect of your personal brand. You want to sound confident and friendly. You don’t want your prospective […]