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7 Awesome Resources for Finding HR & Recruiting Case Studies

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Finding case studies in HR and recruiting is one of the hardest things about returning to the practitioner world. Detailed evaluation of the evolution of a specific individual, organization, or circumstance across time is offered in a case study, which is described as a process or record of inquiry. Case studies offer a practitioner a […]

The Case for Project Management’s Place in the HR Practitioner’s Heart

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Our work is a series of projects, connected by periods of maintenance on projects of the past. I often make that argument with friends and colleagues when I try to explain why project management should hold a much larger place in the hearts of HR professionals. What we often refer to as “helping our employees […]

5 Little-Known Tools to Enhance Your Project Management Skills

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Time management is difficult. Project management is a beast. 5 Little-Known Tools to Enhance Your Project Management Skills Don’t believe me? Nearly 55% of projects fail to finish on time, which, incidentally, accounts for the double-digit growth in demand for credentialed project managers. Unfortunately, leaders in every industry are being called upon to manage projects […]

How Friends Can Become Mentors

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I will always remember Denise who asked me to be her mentor several years ago. I was flattered. She wanted advice about her career and she asked me “Will you be my mentor?” After that question, we met on a regular basis and discussed her career and brainstormed some ideas.  Denise was a “company friend” […]